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Evolvement Of Christianity In Civilization Formation

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Among various religions in the world, one of the largest faith group is Christianity (Woodhead, 2016). It at least has one-third of the world’s total population due to its huge following. Christianity means having a life that one emulates the characters of Jesus and keeping a good relationship with God. Christianity has had many of its followers criticized, killed, battled in wars and others taken into isolation for torture but it still has survived. Christianity has beliefs on divine creation, a great significance of God the father, equality on all men and belief in the scriptures. For several centuries, the Christian religion has spread and grown rapidly throughout the whole world thereby increasing its followers. This essay will focus more on the origin of Christianity, its beliefs, its teachings, the Bible, the modern church, about Christianity and its effect in the world.

In the olden times, the early civilization believes that religion was developed from the theological and social climate of that time. The Jewish community gave birth to this religion thereby splitting between the Protestant and the Catholic Church. Due to disagreements about the leadership of the early church, the Jews had God bring them a savior who they later called “The King of Jews”, this was the only Jesus Christ.

Christianity is extracted from “Christ” which means the “anointed” one. This religion began over two thousand years when Jesus Christ started His ministry. He won many hearts and due to the large following, He took many people with Him. His followers were collectively called “Christians” which later transformed into “Christianity”. His ministry was about love and compassion, to seek the lost, to proclaim back the freedom to the captives, to comfort all who mourn and to set free the oppressed (Isaiah 61:1-3).

Jesus Christ had the power of God in Him, He was born through the Holy Spirit by which His birth was prophesied. When He became of age, He began His ministry on thirty years. He had seventy-two disciples which later came down to twelve, these were the people who were close to Him during His teachings till His crucifixion. In His times, the Disciples went with Him and called Him teacher, Jesus taught them about the will of God and the suffering of the humankind as a result of their sins. He came to relieve the suffering by crucifixion on the cross and carrying all the sins of mankind.

Due to the huge following and turning away many hearts to Him, the Roman authorities were angered and began to think of how they would get Him. The pursuit of Jesus started with imprisoning and punishing the Christians. The teachers of the law and other religious leaders took a keen eye on His teachings and charged Him against proclaiming to be the King of Jews, failing to observe the law of Sabbath amongst other offenses (Kautsky, 2014). After Jesus had completed His mission, He was betrayed by one of His disciple’s (Judas Iscariot), (John 6:71) who handed Him over to the authorities. He later was arrested, underwent a severe whipping and punishment, was crucified, died, He resurrected on the third and ascended on Heaven.

Biblically, the trials, suffering, and perseverance and humility of Jesus Christ had been foretold through the Old Testament Prophets. After the ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven He left with them a helper who would come to look after the disciples and be with them and this was the Holy Spirit. Since then the few people spread all over the gospel of love throughout the world (Matthew 28:19, John 3:16)

During the ministry of Jesus Christ, He taught people about eternal life. This was the life that God has prepared for all that live in-accordance to His will and has followed the decrees of Jesus Christ (Zahniser, 2017). In Christianity, it is believed that when one receives Christ into His life, his past life is taken away, he becomes a new creation and the old is forgotten(2 Corinthians 5:17), this marks an everlasting life with Christ. When one gets into a relationship with Christ that is when one is said to be a “Christian”. Christianity starts from point one surrender and submits their life for servant hood to following Christ.

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Nevertheless, after Christ’s ascension into Heaven, the gospel had to be spread around the world irrespective of age, gender or race. Christians had to use a manual that had to guide them in their welfare, this was the Bible which was derived from the traditional scroll that was read in temples, synagogues and other places used for religious worship. The Bible includes the instructions that God wants Christians to follow in as much as they need to perceive His will. The Bible has 66 books which are categorized into two; 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

In the Bible, the New Testament gives a major highlight on the beginning of Churches and the first believers in the world. It begins by noting the major differences the early churches had in terms of administration, their places of worship, how they handled cases and how they observed rules. The modern church came to overthrow the traditional practices which the Jewish had as a way of worship such as; burning of sacrifices, observing the law of the Sabbath and different levels of authorities in the churches.

The Bible which contains the major teachings of Christianity has set the four pillar foundations of Christianity that includes; Love, Joy, Peace, and Faith (Collins, 2014). These form the basic strong foundations of Christianity, according to the Theological scholars, they have concluded that Love is the greatest of all, without love it is impossible to reach to people, therefore, it is difficult to reach the level one has desired to be in. The Bible talks about Love in a whole chapter (1 Corinthians 13), an emphasis of love is laid, the love to neighbors and about the service to mankind. Therefore Christianity has helped to transform selfless people into charitable people with royal hearts.

It is enough to say that through Christianity, the world has received new dawn from the past. This is well justified by the Christian organizations, Churches or even agencies around the globe, in cases of emergency response or aid the Christians are always on the front line to help in hand (Bickerton, Miner & Dowson, 2014). From the spread of Christians around the world, still, there has been an increased devoted people who are always and are ready to stand for the truth. (Romans 1:16). Due to this generation, the world can battle some of the social evils which are highly regarded in the Christian community as sins.

As a result of the spiritual teachings and the manifestation of God’s power through His people, people receive miracles till-to-day such as healing, casting away demons, breaking of the yoke and the restoration of whatever is lost or even peace (Vilaca, 2016). This life-changing events traditionally were rarely performed due to the lack of the word of God and so much of traditional worships. Traditionally miracles would be performed by overseers, and medians.

Christianity has brought about the series cycle of change in our ways of civilization, on how people carry out their duties and different aspects of lives have changed due to Christianity. In the early Centuries, Missionaries came from the western countries to Africa, as a result, they introduced Christianity among the residents and also colonized its people (Gabra, 2014). Due to the western culture, there is modernization everywhere, technology advancement which has positively impacted its users. Without Christianity, people would be hostile to one another and would not carry out their roles diligently.

In conclusion, it is enough to say that Christianity is the root cause of the civilization of the modern society we live in (Bilbro, 2015). So much extreme work has the Christian foundation done to our economics, our laws, our politics, our cultural and moral priorities. The Christian religion owes much to the few Jews who first believed to Jesus who was a great teacher. Beginning with missionaries to the civilization from the early churches, so much has happened. Christianity has preserved heritage and a legacy for as a religion it has stood to teach its followers a sound doctrine, the followers have kept the doctrines and passed over generations without any of it losing its moral values and teachings.


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