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Islam is a religion base upon the surrender to God who is one. The very name of the religion, al-islam in Arabic, means at once submission and peace, for it is in submitting to God's Will that human beings achieve peace in their lives in this world and in the hereafter. The message of Islam concerns God, who in Arabic...
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Muslim expansion had a major impact on world history, the most noticeable being that Islam evolved from a predominantly Arab religion into a religion with a universal appeal. Muslims have risen from a small, fractured community on the Arabian Peninsula to the largest religious and political force in the Eastern Hemisphere, with over 350 million people. Military conquest, trade, pilgrimage,...
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Classical antiquity spiraled down with the fall of ancient empires like Greece and Rome. Consequently, Christianity and Islam, along with their cultures, began to grow and even trade routes like the Silk Road and the Trans-Saharan developed, marking the start of the Post-Classical era. Although these trade routes were new and innovative, Muslims and Christians had opposing views on trade...
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As one hears the word “Sufism“ or “Sufi' in today’s times, two things come to his/her mind. One is that it relates to an individual phenomenon and society gains very little from it. And second, it is based on principles not incorporated by the fundamental teachings of Islam. That Sufism is something superfluous to the message of Islam. And that...
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Introduction In the seventh century, a profound transformation began in the Arabian Peninsula with the emergence of Islam. This faith would rapidly expand to become one of the world's major religions. This remarkable spread, beginning with the Prophet Muhammad in 610 C.E., captivated and unified vast populations across continents. The speed and extent of Islam's expansion raise intriguing questions about...
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Abstract Religion provides many benefits to humans, and also allows human beings to make sense of our existence. Religions around the world provide answers to the ways in which we were created, and the occurrences of events, and they also provide a moral and ethical code by which we live. Christianity and Islam, are both different religions, yet they stand...
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Islam plays a significant role in lives of many believers. It has been the unifying factor for many Muslims due to belief in one God and Muhammad as His Prophet. This essay explores the views of Muslims on the role of religion, politics, and military affairs, and how did this play out in the territorial expansion of Islam. Prophet Muhammad...
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When we hear the word “Renaissance’, we usually refer to the European Renaissance that lasted from around the 14th to 17th centuries. Michelangelo, Botticelli, Donatello and many other names come to mind when we discuss this Renaissance, which was a period when Europe started to abandon many traditional customs from the Middle Ages and started the quest for learning. Today,...
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Islam being one of the fastest growing religion is youngest and second largest religion and civilisation which was founded by Prophet Muhammad ibn Abd Allah in western Arabia. Much of Muhammad's prophetic career, from the time he began publicly preaching in about 613 until his death in 632, was consumed with warding off and eventually overcoming the opposition of his...
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For monotheistic religious traditions Christianity and Islam, Peace has been an important factor to achieving inner and world peace. Many of the: religious traditions, teachings and sacred texts have been built from the foundational teaching of the Golden Rule. Both religions significant people have represented the ways in which adherents are to live for a fulfilled, blessed life. With living...

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