Kinesthetics, Proxemics, And Semiotics

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Architecture can be defined as the choreographic arrangement of space in relation to the moving body (Sama, 2011). Sama also stated that this “choregraphy” can be classified or understood in two ways: ergonomically and performatively. Performance choreography concentrates on the kinesthetic experience of the human body in space. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Kinesthetic is connected or related with the ability to know where the parts of your body are and how they are moving.


Designing a space, in which you will be putting fixture and furniture. You must always place in mind the capacity of people occupying that certain space in order to correlate if the space, after having to place the fixture and furniture, is enough for the people to move around.

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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the study of the nature, degree, and effect of the spatial separation individuals naturally maintain (as in various social and interpersonal situations) and of how this separation relates to environmental and cultural factors.

Proxemics is part of non-verbal communication, defining that in daily life, the distance between people runs in parallel with their interpersonal relationships (Hall, 1966).

The relationship to architecture is obvious. If a certain behaviour or atmosphere is to be encouraged, take note where this sits in the proxemics zones or spheres and design accordingly (Sugihto, 2016).


When having to provide a space for the design that you have, you must always think of what kind of place it is that you will be designing, so that you will be able to at least come up with an approximate space for the occupants. For example, when you design a conference room, you must know whether which of the four zones you must apply.

This can also be applied during space programming.


According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Semiotics is a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols that deals especially with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics.

According to Arquinétpolis, a case of semiotics in Architecture that is very evident and easy to recognize for us is the so-called “psychology of color”. In it we can transmit sensations or feelings in spaces through spaces, semiotics studies and not just in a chromatic manner we can transmit these feelings, we can do it with the nature of the space itself, with the structure that delimits it or even with some object.


Semiotics is applicable when you put symbols in areas in order for the occupants to classify which area is that. For example, a bathroom; you must put the typical symbol for a bathroom.

Also, semiotics is applicable when choosing what color it is that you want to surround the area. If it is a room for studying, try to put warm colors, for the occupants to focus and engage on and in what they are doing.


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