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Sign Language Essay Examples

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The Peculiarities Of Sign And Spoken Language

This experimental study aims to determine whether the Symmetry Condition proposed by Battison (1978) is a general cognitive constraint or a language-specific constraint. The main hypothesis was that the Symmetry Condition, which constrains the forms of signs and gestures, is a non-linguistic constraint. To test...
3 Pages 1485 Words

IoT Based Sign Language Translator Device

ABSTRACT Sign languages are natural languages that deaf people use to speak with other ordinary human beings in the community. Although it is believed that the signal language for people with hearing problems due to its considerable use among them, it is not widely known...
4 Pages 1658 Words

Sign Language Translation Using Deep Learning

ABSTRACT Sign language is the way of communication for hearing impaired people. There is a challenge for common people to communicate with deaf people which makes this system helpful in assisting them. This project aims at implementing computer vision which can take the sign from...
4 Pages 1976 Words

Automatically Analysing The American Sign Language Images

Abstract Hearing and speech impairment is disability which affects individual communication with outer world by verbal communication and in turn they use sign language to communicate. Usually deaf and mute people are trained to sign language use and can communicate with their own communities, whereas...
4 Pages 1796 Words

The Numerous Benefits Of Baby Sign Language

“They know what they want and they have no way of telling you except crying. It’s like you’re giving them this gift, showing them how to express it.” This quote was said by Jennifer Pankowski, a mother who has personally seen the good that comes...
5 Pages 2424 Words

The Recognition Of Sign Language

ABSTRACT Sometimes, it is difficult to communicate with others for the deaf and dumb people, they face issues for conveying themselves to the normal people. So, we have thought that what if we will make the fix pattern or the mapping of the letters to...
3 Pages 1321 Words

Sign Language Interpreter For Hearing And Speaking Impaired

Abstract Sign language interpreter is the essential part of designing and developing an application for American Sign Language(ASL). In this application we are using ASL datasets of images of hands with different skin complexion, sizes and camera angles to build classification system by training a...
5 Pages 2283 Words

Evaluation Of Sign Language Recognizing Using Myo Armband

Introduction Myo armbands have been used by developers to create a variety of functions, from controlling characters in video games, to replacing computer keyboards and mice with virtual, on-screen versions. However, since communication between hearing people and deaf people is difficult and it can be...
3 Pages 1151 Words

Sign Language Recognition: Style Guidelines

Abstract Due to the relative lack of vast use of Sign language within our society, deaf and other people which are verbally -challenged and face difficulties in daily communication among there societies. Our aim is to develop a mobile application which will translate Sign language...
2 Pages 965 Words

A Pilot Study On Sign Language Detection

ABSTRACT People having physical limitations such as speech and hearing impairment are often unable to convey their message properly, which leads to them being left out in many aspects of life. To help those people express themselves in a better and easier way we have...
5 Pages 2056 Words

Sign Language Interpretation Using Deep Learning

Abstract Sign language is a language that Deaf people use to communicate with other normal people in the community. Although the sign language is known to hearing-impaired people due to its widespread use among them, it is not known much by other normal people. In...
4 Pages 2001 Words

Sign Language Recognition Using Combinational Features

ABSTRACT Hand Gesture algorithms are key enabling technologies for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) systems. State of the art approaches for automatic detection of body movements and for analyzing emotions from facial features heavily rely on advanced machine learning algorithms. Most of these methods are designed for...
5 Pages 2114 Words

Audio To Sign Language Translation

Abstract Sign language is a visual language that is used by deaf and dumb people for communication. It is achieved by simultaneously combining hand shapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body, and facial expressions. So this topic is based on converting the...
1 Page 502 Words

Indian Sign Language To Text Conversion

Abstract Communication is the exchange of information by speech, visual signals, writing, or behaviour. Deaf and dumb people communicate among themselves using sign languages, but they find it difficult to expose themselves to the outside world. There is a need for research in this field...
4 Pages 1908 Words

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