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Celebrities Should Have More Privacy Rights: Argumentative Essay

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Not every day you’ll see a celebrity have time for themselves, not even have their own privacy. Nowadays, there are always articles or pictures of almost every single celebrity on the news or social media exploiting their personal lives. All over the media, a great amount of attention has turned towards the personal lives of stars that are admired or are usually the center of attention for the whole public. It seems as though the public is eager to hear this kind of drama. However, there should be laws established to protect famous people from being constantly hoarded by the paparazzi and reporters. Quite frankly, the act of intrusion on celebrities is a problem because it’s an invasion of basic human rights. Usually, these problems are caused by inappropriate photos or videos being leaked online that everyone from across the world could see. Another cause would be the paparazzi being involved at all times and following the celebrity everywhere they go. The last cause of the whole situation would also be the media getting involved.

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Many people do believe celebrities deserve their privacy as well, but then there are other people who question why they don’t need it because they’re famous. The only reason why people on the negative side of things ask, “why should a celebrity have their own privacy” is because sometimes a celebrity shares some information accidentally or intentionally. “Even without the extremity of the hacking of intimate photos, celebrities are more and more involved in a bizarre balancing act when it comes to exposing their lives to the public” (Teeman, Par. 7). This would mean people would consider them hypocrites if they were to put themselves in danger and jeopardizing their career. Regardless of any sort, if a celebrity were to give away any information to the public, nobody has the right to invade or intrude on their personal lives even if it’s been leaked. Celebrities are regular citizens too, they have every right to share what they want to share as long as it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. As for the media, they really shouldn’t put themselves at risk all for an excellent cost to spy on a celebrity. Everyone around the world should have at least the right to live their lives in the way they want and people should respect that decision, but to this day people are still trying to find a way to invade someone else’s privacy in many other ways including a celebrity.

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