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Literary Exploration Everyone goes through experiences that change and shape who they are, and one's identity is constantly evolving, and molded in various ways. Throughout life, new experiences help a person to grow and change. Various situations and the emotions derived from them impact the way one views the world, influencing their values, hopes, and beliefs. The lessons one can learn from these experiences enable them to develop as an individual and form a clear identity that is all their...
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In order to survive as a human being, one must have the five basic needs to self-actualisation as theorized by humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow; these are needs such as food and water, safety, belonging and esteem. (Heise, 2014) With this in mind, it is important to not only consider the purpose of society but also the need that creating a society fills in multiple survival situations. Importantly, society is often defined as a group of people working together in order...
3 Pages 1434 Words
When I remember growing up, I wasn’t much of a reader, despite having a mom who has probably read every book ever written. Reading isn’t the butter to my bread. I got distracted by my phone when I got my first iPhone in year 6, reading didn’t feel important to me anymore. I had just turned 11, and I was long how I had a life on social media and didn’t need to read because I didn’t care about how...
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What is intertextuality? Intertextuality refers to how one text can affect and add meaning to another text. The more you look, the sooner you realize intertextuality can be found almost anywhere and is most commonly found as references to other texts adding a specific meaning for a greater impact on the reader. Today we’re going to be exploring intertextuality between the novel: The Maze Runner and the Movie: The Hunger Games Our two texts have a wide variety of similarities,...
2 Pages 929 Words
Today I’ll be discussing two different representations of dystopian societies in films. The term “dystopia” comes from ancient Greece (meaning bad place). It is used to describe a society or community that is considered to not follow the typical structure of an efficient society and instead reflects the possible lives we could be living if the worst-case scenarios did ever occur. The three representations I will be discussing are: The Hunger Games The Maze Runner The Hunger Games is a...
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