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Book Review: Different Seasons

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In Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Andy (an innocent man) is sentenced to a double life sentence. There Andy meets Red, a prisoner who smuggles items from the outside world. As Andy is an amateur geologist he asks Red to get him a rock hammer for shaping rocks he collects in the exercise yard. Sometime later he asks Red for a large picture of Rita Hayworth (a celebrity). After 28 years, Andy disappears from his cell and when guards could not find any sign of him. Norton (the warden) discovers something behind the poster of Rita Hayworth.

In Apt Pupil, Todd, a Los Angeles teenager enters the home of an elderly German immigrant named Arthur Denker. Todd accuses Arthur of being a wanted Nazi war criminal named Kurt Dussander. He denies the allegation but eventually admits to his true identity. Instead of handing over Dussander to the authorities he blackmails him into giving him stories about his crimes. As their relationship continues, Todd begins to have terrible nightmares and finds that murdering several winos (homeless alcoholics) helps with his nightmares. Todd is not the only one that has nightmares and Dussander also murders several other homeless people to cope with it. One day, Dussander has a heart attack whilst hiding the body of one of his recent victims.

In The Body, Ray Brower disappears and is assumed to be dead. Gordie, twelve years old, and his three friends, Chris, Teddy and Vern set on an adventure to find the presumed dead body. The boys all come from abusive families and throughout the story they get closer together as friends. As they find the body, a gang of bullies arrives and threaten to break their arms, but the boys stand their ground.

In The Breathing Method, David (the narrator) joins a men’s club where the members read and tell stories, most of which are strange and bizarre. The Thursday before Christmas, a physician Dr. Emlyn McCarron tells a story about Jane Doe (we later find out that her name is Sandra Stansfield) , who is determined to give birth to her child, even though she has many financial problems such as a shortage of money and her family asking for her to have an abortion. Throughout the story, Mc Carron admires Jane for her determination to give birth. They soon get to know each other better and she tells her true identity and background behind her child. Her real name is Sandra Stansfield and she conceived her child from one of her younger employees and as soon as he found out about her pregnancy, he ran off never to be seen again. We move forwards to the birth, and it is a cold winter night and she begins to give birth in a taxi and as the driver does not want blood in his car, he increases his velocity. This is extremely dangerous as the road is extremely slippery and one false move could lead to a terrible accident.

Writing Style

‘Your dad is crazy,’ he said grinning. ‘Mad and up in Togus, that’s what. Crazier than a rat in a pile of garbage. Crazy. It’s not surprising you’re behaving the way you are, with a madman for a father.’

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‘Don’t you say anything else about my dad. My dad was on the beaches at Normandy, you fat pussy.’

‘Yes, but where is he now, you ugly little four-eyed lump of puke. Up in Togus, isn’t he?’’(Pg 22)

‘OK, that’s enough,’ said Teddy. ‘Now I’m going to kill you.’ He started to climb the fence. ‘Come on and try, you dirty little rat.’ Milo stepped back and stood there, waiting and grinning.

Stephen King uses a conversational style of writing and vulgar expressions to show that the boys are not very educated. King uses the metaphor “you ugly little four-eyed lump of puke.” to demonstrate that Milo dislikes Teddy.

I recommend Different Seasons to others as it has a thrilling story with lots of suspense and action. The book is intended for anyone over the age of 14 as there are sexual references and violence. Although most of the stories told were interesting my least favorite was the Breathing Method as I did not feel a connection to the characters and King did not go much in depth about their background. The story was also very senseless and I did not feel like King put much effort into writing the story. I especially enjoyed The Body as it involved friends going out and exploring together. The most violent story was by far Apt Pupil as it involves the murders of several homeless people.

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