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Impact of Stephen King on Horror Genre

Horror is a genre that has evolved into a broad umbrella with multiple portrayals of the original works underneath, this allows for diversity and appeals to a wider range of audiences. The horror genre began in the Romantic Movement in the beginning of the 19th century and encompasses many types of horror literary works and films. These include science fiction with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and supernatural with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Horror as a genre has continued in popularity with supernatural...
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Good Vs. Evil In The Novel Salem’s Lot By Stephen King.

The theme of good versus evil within the novel, Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, seemed straightforward at first. Indeed, the vampires are a clear manifestation of evil, that big, bad, devil worshipping, drink your blood kind of evil. However, it becomes apparent that many people within the town itself are evil as well. This blurs the lines between good and evil. After all, people are supposed to be good and vampires are supposed to be evil in this kind of...
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The King of Horror: Essay on Stephen King's Way of Life

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you can possess, and sometimes the hardest challenge you will have to overcome. Stephen King is an author who has mastered the ability to use your mind against you when reading his books. Due to this, King has won many awards for his unique writing style and the ability to use graphic imagery; all of which can be directed back to his family experiences and his reaction to those events. Stephen King is...
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Stephen King's Writing Career in Fiction Literature

Fiction literature is an instrumental element in many people’s lives today. Whether one is a literature teacher, an author, a fiction texts analyst or simply a reader of fiction writing, an encounter with creative writing leaves a critical mark on an individual’s mind. Since its invention in the 12th century, fiction has evolved and influenced many lives to date. It seeks to bring out what revolves in other people’s minds in terms of imaginations of situations, events, places, and values...
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Adaption of Stephen King's Work in Movies and Popular Culture

Introduction Stephen King is one of the most established names in the world and he has had an effect on so many generations. Since the 70s, Stephen King has become the most famous horror writer. His books are a mainstay of book racks everywhere in the world. The genius of Stephen King has produced a multi-media franchise that has included movies, gaming, television shows and comic books. “It’s nearly impossible to overstate how influential Stephen King is. For the past...
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Descriptive Essay on the Works of Stephen King

Stephen King is considered one of the greatest horror writers of our life and of all time. King’s works span over the course of forty-five years starting with his first novel, Carrie, in 1974 and releasing a novel almost every year since with his most recent release being The Institute, released in September of 2019. Stephen King was born September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine to parents Donald King and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. When King was just two years...
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Essay about My Daily Routine

Writer Stephen King commits to writing two thousand words a day, and usually, he does so between 8 am to 11:30 am every day. Swimmer Michael Phelps gets up and does warm-up exercises and creative visualization exercises every day before a competition. Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, who had worked 8 hours per day at each company, created the ‘themed’ day, where he worked on one area per day, such as product development. On Saturday he has a free...
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Stephen King's Biography And His Most Frightening Book Pet Sematary

“Sometimes, dead is better.” (King, XV) The novel intersects between both life and death which can be crossed but brings fatal consequences. King presents death in a horrifying matter and implies that if grief is avoided it can be worse. Death must be accepted because if we fail to cope with death then we will not be able to function with the present. In the novel, Pet Sematary, the events reflect off Stephen King’s personal experiences but distorts these experiences...
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Why Is Stephen King Called A King Of Horror?

Stephen King is a mystery novelist. ‘Monsters and ghosts are real, they live inside us, and sometimes they win” ( King, 2015). King struggled with alcohol, drug abuse and smoking excessively, but he overcame those hindering barriers. He has a family that helped him every step of the way, but at a young age, tragic events took place in his life. These events didn’t stop him but formed him into the famous novelist he is in today’s world. Stephen King...
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How To Make Up A Friendship Based On Netflix Series Stranger Things And Stephen King Book It

A friendship is thought to represent the mutual bond between two individuals or a group of people who are friends. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, friend means, “one attached to another by affection or esteem” (Merriam-Webster). Being a friend means that you are connected to that individual or group of people by a common interest or mutual hobby. A friendship is made up of many different characteristics. However, there are three main ones that hold these bonds together. The three...
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Book Review: Different Seasons

In Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Andy (an innocent man) is sentenced to a double life sentence. There Andy meets Red, a prisoner who smuggles items from the outside world. As Andy is an amateur geologist he asks Red to get him a rock hammer for shaping rocks he collects in the exercise yard. Sometime later he asks Red for a large picture of Rita Hayworth (a celebrity). After 28 years, Andy disappears from his cell and when guards...
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The Themes And Ideas Of Stephen King Works

Stephen King is a popular horror fiction author. Most of his novels fall into the category of horror fiction. His works are part of the modern era. In Pet Semetary, Stephen King develops the idea of man playing God and the repercussions of defying nature. Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He is the son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. Growing up, his father taught him how to fish and hunt. This would...
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The Impact Of Stephen King On American Culture

“And the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity” (Stephen King). The late twentieth century was a time of racism and bigotry as the civil rights movement was coming to a close, yet many Americans still refused to integrate African Americans into regular society. As stated in Memmott’s article, American author Stephen King grew up during this time in Portland, Maine, taking care...
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Essay on Stephen King ‘Reading to Write’

Good writers read. It’s that simple. Without the ability to comprehend what the author wrote then there’s no way to retain valuable, outside information. In his essay, “Reading to Write,” Stephen King gives his advice to students studying to be writers, promoting that constant reading can improve your ability as a said writer. His essay uses various strategies to emphasize the importance of reading, both good and bad prose, to writing, which develops creativity and style. Such strategies include logos...
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