Police Brutality: Persuasive Speech

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July 17th, 2014, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old man, died in Staten Island after being put in a chokehold by a police officer after resisting arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes. He was later refused medical assistance after losing consciousness.

I was recently watching the documentary Bowling for Columbine, and I couldn’t help but notice the amount of brutality caused by police towards people of color and other religious and homophobic stereotypes. But it wasn’t just the brutality that the police enforced, it was the lack of faith and lack of trust towards these officers which in a world like today is curtailed to a safe and happy life.

Good morning Department of Justice and Attorney-General. I am Curtis Bock and I am here to advise you of the horrors of police brutality. With the number of issues on earth at the moment, do we really want to be feeling doubtful about our defense force?

If there’s one thing that has shocked me from reading these reports, it is how frequently this issue can occur. Moreover, how often do they result from prejudice based on the individual’s race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation? The instances of, elements of, and absence of punishments for officers are what predominantly cause the community to feel unsafe. thought of race, sex, religion, sexual inclination

I thought this was 2019, I thought this was a new era, I thought this was a day and age where I could just walk out my door and be whoever I wanted to be in a safe and loving community. Guess I thought wrong. There are many reasons surrounding brutality in the numerous communities in the nation. A main point comes from the thought of race, sex, religion, and sexual inclination. Dispute often exists between police and the citizenry. Some police officers may view the population (or a particular subset thereof) as generally deserving punishment. Portions of the population may perceive the police to be oppressors. In addition, there is a perception that victims of police brutality often belong to relatively powerless groups, such as racial or cultural minorities, the disabled, and the poor. If these cases continue it will only start to look more and more grim for the image of the police force subsequently, affecting them in the long run with the lack of trust towards them. Additionally, with the ever-increasing population of the religious, LGBT, and communities it can only mean that the number of brutal attacks on our different minorities can only increase, furthering the amount of uncertainty towards our nation's defense force.

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The instances of, elements of, police brutality and how it's giving all police officers good and bad a bad name “Robert Davis, a retired school teacher, was beaten and arrested by four police in New Orleans. He was 64 at the time of the assault and was accused of public drunkenness. One officer was fired over the incident, one was suspended, and another was acquitted of all charges. Davis said he was teetotal and had not had a drink for at least 25 years. How do the police not rest until a criminal is brought to justice, but can’t seem to bring justice on one of their own who has done more wrong than many regular criminals? Many people wonder why the image of the police is recognized as a bad sign by the vast majority of the world. Well, this is it, the fact that people are put into higher authorial roles than others and carry harmful substances and objects to help keep “the peace” seems like a good way to severely abuse this power and take horrible punishments onto people who may not look or sound like the average “person ”. It also begs the question what is normal anymore? It certainly isn’t the stereotype it was years ago and these corrupt officers are a big example of it. This can only add to the fear and insecurities this world has with our police and justice departments. How many more innocent people have to die before the word “normal” means every human being? absence of punishments for police brutality and how it's upsetting our community.

Police are very rarely prosecuted for shootings — and not just because the law allows them wide latitude to use force on the job. Sometimes the investigations fall onto the same police department the officer is from, which creates major conflicts of interest. Other times the only available evidence comes from eyewitnesses, who may not be as trustworthy in the public eye as a police officer. In fact, The National Police Misconduct Reporting Project analyzed 3,238 criminal cases against police officers from April 2009 through December 2010. They found that only 33 percent were convicted, and 36 percent of officers who were convicted ended up serving prison sentences. Both of those are about half the rate at which members of the public are convicted or incarcerated. This is giving people of the public the wrong picture of police officers as people who are immune to the law no matter how horrific their crimes may be. The reason for the lack of punishment comes from the government wanting to cover up the bad reports in order to keep order within the community. It's not working, it's only causing more disturbance in our nation, and it's only getting worse.


Nonetheless, with the number of cases of police brutality there really is, there are likewise some great, kind, law-abiding policemen out there carrying out their responsibility to help protect this nation, however, they haven't appeared on Fox News, they are out there and attempting to make a difference.

As I found out about police brutality and the horror and dread it gives, I similarly too found out about myself. I discovered that I need to help end it, but I can’t do it alone, so I trust that all of you feel the same.

Overall, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. The most important thing you need to consider is, In the event that you need to help, there are numerous ways, mostly on the off chance that you or somebody you see around you is being harassed by police, at that point, you can record it with your phone, but there's a chance they may break it and you'll be left with no proof of the experience. However, there is an app called Safe Space that is specially created for police encounters, and if the official makes you quit recording their experience, it'll automatically send it to the justice department. I have the application myself and I’d strongly suggest you have it too. Take a listen, the people want justice. Give the people what they want.

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