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Legacy of Mesopotamia and Its Greatest Influence on Modern Civilization

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Mesopotamia, the world's biggest civilization, was the first to dwell in one location. They built numerous components of civilization and did not rely just on hunting animals and gathering plants for food since they knew how to produce and thus could store food for the winter. This enabled them to begin developing products and ideas to make their lives a bit easier. Since Mesopotamia's innovations and significant successes enabled succeeding generations to extend and utilize these accomplishments to make their lives simpler and better, such as the use of medicine, arithmetic in everyday life, and so on, all of these inventions have had a significant impact on the present world. As a result, mathematics, medicine, and agriculture are three components that have had a significant effect on present civilization.

The Mesopotamians are attributed with developing mathematics roughly 5,000 years ago ( They possessed a broad grasp of mathematics, including four basic operations, fractions, and so on, which helped them keep adequate records. Early mathematics was simply a sort of counting, and it was used to keep track of items like sheep, harvests, and traded products. Later, it was employed to handle more complex agricultural and maybe architectural challenges. It was implemented to overcome complex astrological and geometrical difficulties during the late Babylonian period. The Sumerians were aware of the Pythagorean theorem as early as 2000 B.C. The cuneiform tablet of Tell Hamal depicted an algebraic-geometric table with triangles denoted by perpendicular lines drawn from the right angle to the hypotenuse ( These mathematical ideas aided the Mesopotamians in surveying, construction technology, accountancy, the creation of lunar and solar calendars, and a variety of other contributions to speculative mathematics. To comprehend, mathematics is a strong instrument for worldwide information exchange, making it one of the most significant features that have substantially affected present humanity.

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The Babylonians achieved significant medical advancements. They employed reasoning and medical history to diagnose and cure illnesses with myriad lotions and medications. Using logic and medical information, they were able to detect and treat diseases using various lotions and treatments ( According to a recent study by Health Ahoy, Babylonian medicine is a term that refers to the healthcare traditions and practices of ancient Babylonian society. Medicine in ancient Babylonia was mostly dependent on magic, with no scientific approach other than diagnoses and prognoses, which were also immersed in spirituality ( In Babylonian medicine, enchantment and invocations were utilized just as much as, if not more than, natural therapy and medicines. Medicine is more akin to a collection that is sensitive to tiny and huge discoveries and inventions rather than a massive one. It is possibly one of the most important parts of human history since it directly affects our capacity to exist. Humans have a greater chance of achieving progress in other areas since they can live for longer periods. People have more time to think now that they aren't battling to survive, and this is what has brought us to this point. As a result, medicine is regarded as one of the biggest triumphs, as prior medical technology has benefited scientists and people studying medicine in diving further into the concept and producing breakthroughs. As humans continue to discover new viruses in the future, their prior knowledge of medicine will benefit future generations in learning more about it. Medicine is a complex subject that is tough to grasp and create.

Agriculture is also one of the most significant achievements since it is the source of most other achievements, and its presence may even be considered to be dependent on it. Agriculture transformed civilization from a nomadic hunter-gatherer pattern to a centralized, sedentary, communal framework ( When humans were hunter-gatherers, they spent the majority of their time tracking animal migrations, hunting, preparing food and foraging. Apart from developing food, there was a limited possibility for growth. Once humanity had established agricultural practices had advanced, it was no longer necessary for the entire community to be in charge of food production. Food was provided by a portion of the population, while the remainder pursued other pursuits. This resulted in commerce since non-farmers would have exchanged with farmers. Then a way of tracking this commerce must be devised: writing and mathematics. As a result, agriculture is critical since it produces the majority of the world's food, products, and a variety of other goods.

Nonetheless, mathematics, medicine, and agriculture are three significant areas that have had a significant effect on present civilization. The Mesopotamian heritage laid the groundwork for succeeding civilizations to build on. Their breakthroughs and substantial triumphs have enabled following generations to expand and exploit these achievements to make their lives simpler and better, such as the use of medicine, math in everyday life, and so on, all of which have had a huge influence on today's world. As technology advanced throughout the years, it finally made every component of Mesopotamian society simpler to utilize than previously.

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