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Main Objective of Information Security

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Information Security Governance

Information security is the most crucial asset of any business. Information security management is the process of setting up all the required security controls for protecting the information (Atcovi, 2019, para. 1). Information Security Governance is a set of people within the organization to provide the road map for the organization to accomplish the targets by alleviating the dangers and dealing with the assets.

Outcomes and Benefits of Information Security Governance

Strategic Alignment: It means aligning the security prospects with the business objectives to achieve the goals. With strategic alignment, you can increase the store sale along with making the business more secure.

Good Governance helps in risk management. This is done by taking appropriate steps to manage or mitigate the risks and decrease possible impacts on resources.

It also helps in managing company resources by utilizing the knowledge of information security and infrastructure and putting the right resources in the right place for the proper work.

Vigorous Governance helps in providing valued delivery by effectively using security investments for achieving organizational goals.


Expanding the consistency and decreasing the vulnerability of business activities by bringing data security-related dangers down to perceptible and adequate levels, which results in increasing customer trust.

A firm establishment for proficient and compelling risk management, improvement of process, and quick occurrence reaction identified with verifying data, which helps in maintaining the organization's reputation.

Empowering new and better approaches to process electronic exchanges.

Value to Business

I can understand that you people are putting all your hard-earned savings into business scaling and Information Security management. But doing so will surely going to increase sales by broadening the business to a much larger area and attracting customers for the remote area as well that too without worrying about the It risks and security issues. All the IT risks and security issues will be managed by the security governance team appropriately. All this will undoubtedly result in a booming business.

Strategic Alignment Of Business

Strategic alignment is a series of steps from discussing the fundamental values of the company, defining the vision that is starting an online sale business, setting up the mission that is to increase the in-store sale, making a strategy of how to do everything while keeping in mind the security prospects and handling the outcomes. Every part of the organization is responsible for the alignment process as the board of directors set a road map for alignment, Senior management defines procedures to incorporate security with the business destinations, the Steering Committee audits security strategy and incorporation methods, ensures that process owner of the board of managers bolsters integration and Chief information security officer conceive security technique, administer the security program and activities and liaise with Business managers for alignment (Scholtz, 2009, paras. 2-6).

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Risks and Impact on Business

E-commerce Online Security: With the internet comes various types of security threats that can impact the business very severely. For example, the attacker makes the website down by sending a virus or malware attack that can result in a massive loss of sales as well as degrading the reputation of the company.

Privacy Issues: With the eCommerce business, maintaining privacy becomes more tedious work. In the past, the company's data has been compromised, which led to financial loss.

E-commerce marketing and SEO: With the regular change in the algorithms of the browser platforms, marketing of the website can go down, which further results in the decline of sales (Expert-commentator, 2018, paras. 2-4).

Information Security Manager

Information Security Managers are liable for ensuring their company's device, networks, and information against dangers, for example, security ruptures, PC infections, or assaults by digital lawbreakers. Information Security Manager is liable for creating and overseeing Data Frameworks for digital security, including disaster recuperation, database insurance, and software improvement. Assesses the organization to ensure consistency with norms and significance with industry security standards. Requires a four-year certification. 1 - 3 years of supervisory experience might be required (Booty, 2006, pp. 24-28).

Role in Organisation

Data security influences all parts of an association. To guarantee that all stakeholders are influenced by security contemplations are included, a directing board of trustees known as the Steering Committee of administrators ought to be shaped. Individuals from this committee can be anyone from the HR department, legal team, Board of directors, marketing or sales team, and information security manager (Belding, 2019, para. 8).

Key Goals

Key Goal indicators are set to track the achievement of the business goals against those.

Governance: The governance procedure inside an association incorporates components, for example, definition and correspondence of corporate control, key arrangements, risk management at the enterprise level, and oversight and assessing business execution through adjusted scorecards.

Risk management: This helps in empowering an association to assess all-important business and administrative dangers and controls and screen moderation activities in an organized manner.

Compliance: It guarantees that an association has the procedures and inside controls to meet the prerequisites forced by legislative bodies, controllers, industry orders, or internal policies (MetricStream, 2014).


At last, I would recommend you follow the basic guidelines for scaling the drone business online and setting up sound IT security management. I wish you both for flourishing business and let me know if you need any further guidance for your business.


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