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Essay about Information System

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Google Earth, Arkia Israeli Airlines, and certain hospitals, all use information systems in their companies. Google Earth uses an information system called GIS. GIS stands for geographic information systems. They use it for an overall view of the world and for maps that are constantly updated. Without GIS, Google Earth would not be possible. It makes Google Earth more accurate every day because it constantly updates. Google Earth also uses a method called spatial sampling, which means that they use lines and grids to measure how many houses are in an area. In order to use spatial sampling, Google had to download software for Google Earth. The images come from satellites and aerial photography. The images constantly update. They then put random points all over a certain area in order to map out neighborhoods and so on. They use this spatial mapping method in order to grid and map out all areas for people to research. When someone searches for Japan, for example, on Google Earth, it immediately zooms over to Japan’s location and the user should be able to see every nook and cranny of Japan. That’s where the beauty of the information system comes in. It makes it all possible for this app to operate and function the way it does today. It’s perfect for students doing research on countries and for curious adults who want to know the best location for vacation.

Arkia Israeli Airlines, on the other hand, uses its own information systems now instead of piggybacking off of other computerized systems such as service bureaus, software houses, or on linking with other airlines' reservation systems. It is perfect for smaller airlines especially. They can then make reservations with their own information system for customers who are booking their flights which makes everything run more smoothly. Developing an information system for Arkia Israeli Airlines was the only way of progressing in the competitive market and helping them with planning and scheduling. An information system that Arkia Israeli Airlines uses is called AMSYS. AMSYS is used for accounting facilities, message handling facilities, supervisor facilities, reporting facilities, user aids, and security functions. AMSYS is also used for maintenance and logistics, payroll, station management, catering, and accounting and costing. This airline also hopes for an information system to support managerial and operational positions.

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Hospitals are now trying to integrate hospital information systems or HIS for short. This will be a game changer in the medical field because it will immensely improve data availability. All the information that patients have will be accessed on the HIS database. The HIS database has absolutely everything you need for accessing any files in a hospital that uses HIS. It makes everything faster, and more efficient, and it has more brand-new features. Compared to how systems worked without information systems were not as organized and easy as they are now. This system makes not only doctors' and nurses’ lives easier, but also makes the patient’s life easier as well. Another popular information system they used is called radiology information systems or RIS. RIS takes a patient’s radiology exam and puts it into the system. This is very useful because it keeps everything organized and wastes less time. This then helps keep everything running smoothly and exams can be instantly pulled up from the system.

All three of these companies and more that use information systems make a huge impact on society because these systems make everything so much easier to use. It’s very beneficial to society because it makes everything so much faster. If it weren’t for information systems, Google Earth would never be able to operate or at least would not operate with the same quality it has with it. Airlines and hospitals would have a harder time with appointments, scheduling, and organizing all of the customer’s information. Companies like eBay and Amazon would never be able to send out packages and have a functioning business without information systems. There are so many apps, companies, and businesses that now rely on information systems.

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