Should we, in Today's World, Accept Less Freedom in Return for More Security?

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Freedom and security are essential in a country and at personal level since they influence productivity. In today's world, we should not accept less freedom in return for more security instead allows a balance between the two. This is because people ought to reap the benefits of liberty and security such as economic and intellectual diversities, and minority protection from exploitation by the majority. Conflicts in most cases threaten freedom and security, and there ought to be strategies to resolve conflicts in today`s world. For instances in states already in wars that threaten security, withdrawal of military forces and ways to resolve conflict are critical, but strategies ought to be objective in order not to rob off liberty as a disadvantage of inability to pursue security. A balance between freedom and security is essential since there can`t be freedom without security nor true security without liberty.

Causes that Threatens Freedom in Today’s World

One reason that endangers a person's freedom of expression is fear to speak honestly and freely on particular issues. For instance, issues that subject a specific group as evil denies people the freedom of expression in the fear that the targeted group will react for revenge. Fear denies liberty. Another cause that denies freedom is the failure to uphold modern ideologies such as multiculturalism, pacifism and moral equivalence (Hanson, 2008). Multiculturalism encompasses that all cultures and racial groups have equal opportunities and rights, pacifism holds that peaceful relations should govern human and seek ways to resolve conflicts, while moral equivalence holds that there should be a moral understanding between two conflicting societies. The modern ideologists blame the western cultures of radical egalitarianism on freedom of expression. Thus failure to uphold the modern ideologies in today's world denies freedom. In the current world of capitalism, there is the probability of unequal distribution of resources resulting in social stratification and division (Hanson,2008). Due to these structures, most individuals feel their freedom of equality is denied and engage in divisions either by race or state. To ensure fairness and reduce exploitation and oppression, Marxism assumptions of false consciousness can help solve inequality and enhance security.

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Ways that can lead to a balance of freedom and security

Maintaining a balance between liberty and security is complex. Thus individuals should take personal responsibility to abide by the freedom available in ensuring a balance in security and freedom. This is because voluntary abandon to freedom may trigger enemies to react thus threatening the security. For instance, voluntary choice to abandon freedom of expression by a journalist, moviemaker to air or publish wayward information triggers the opponents to engage in wars threatening security. Also, the US government through the constitution should monitor the advocacy to obey authority at the expense of freedom to reasonable levels to offer citizens an opportunity to enjoy their liberty assured of their security.


Freedom and security are inseparable. In today`s world freedom should not be traded in preference of security; instead, there should be a balance between liberty and security. This is because such balance facilitates intellectual and economic diversities due to explorations and safety in economic activity. Also, a balance in freedom and security protects the minority group from exploitation by the majority. In the case of capitalists, a balance of freedom and security ensures the workers are protected and exercise their liberty at work. Among the cause that threatens freedom is fear, modern ideologies. However, since maintaining a balance between freedom and security is complex individual ought to take personal responsibility of abiding by the liberty available to avoid reactions that may threaten security. Also, the US government ought to moderate the level of trading a person's freedom in preference to security. A balance between liberty and security is vital in today`s world.

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