How Much Freedom Should Parents Give Their Children?

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According to my opinion parents should give liberty to their children to make the child more sociable and more open but this freedom shouldn’t pass the red line, which will make the child spoiled.

From a personal experience I know a friend that passed the ‘red line’. He was given all the freedom to do what he like whenever and wherever. He gradually got more spoiled and spoiled after we became teenager this kid started to talk back to the teachers when they scold him for his poor conducts, consequently he got cut from school and even missed exams as a result he failed the grade level.

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Parents should raise their children in the right way, and they have the responsibility for their behaviors. As I stated above children need some freedom to build their self-confidence and be more sociable but not to the extent that will ruin the child’s life. More liberty can have its own negative impacts. If parents give their child unlimited freedom&;nbsp;it will be like excess watering a flower, afcourse flower needs water to survive but too much water will just destroy the flower. Insofar, if a child is given too much of freedom especially in a society that has a bad reputation, the child’s life might get bad, and this is because a child doesn’t have any experience about the outside world and might follow the footsteps of bad people or criminals.

These days we can see that most children spend money here and there. If parents give them money without any reason, it will result in another bad effec on the child. The child’s dependence on his parents develop. Thus, the child will not be able to fulfill his/her basic needs in the future. And as I stated above, since a child doesn’t have experiences about the outside world they might spend the money on bad things by getting influenced by bad people like drug-dealers. As studies show, most of the drug-addicted population is consisted of youngsters.

To conclude this, Freedom is a medicine and the basic direction how to use this medicine is not by keeping it out of the reach of children’s hands but it’s just by giving them the properamount of the dose. Otherwise, it will kill them.

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