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Rapunzel'. A Bad Role-Model Towards Children

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Have you ever wondered why almost in every book there’s a prince that saves the day in a bad random situation that comes out of nowhere? Have you ever wondered if the princess in the movie could save herself without any help? If so than this is your type of blog, this blog will be about Tangled and if Rapunzel the princess from the movie could be saved from the tower and from the evil mother Gothel without the help from Flynn Rider this is part of my third argument.

Have you ever noticed how in almost every single Disney movie the ugly person is the villain? Why are the villains always so ugly stereotypes as in this movie the villain is a 283-year-old ugly witch. Who managed to stay alive using a magical flower with the magic of the sunshine. However, the queen got sick and they used all of the flowers to heal the queen to keep her alive and healthy. Mother Gothel, was very jealous and knew that Rapunzel the daughter of the queen would have the magical powers. Gothel then stole Rapunzel and used her magical hair to stay alive and look young. This is bad and shows that the villain is very ugly as Mother Gothel literally kidnapped a young princess for over eighteen years just to stay alive and to not become old or ugly. Mother Gothel also wears darker colours and a dark black hood so everybody knows that she is the villain. Even when Rapunzel realises that Gothel isn’t her real mother and that she has been kidnapped she’s still sad when she dies because she has stayed with her and admired her for her whole life.

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Why did the princess need a prince to just come in and save her? Couldn’t she have just climbed out the window? That is an important question that many people have asked while reading Tangled. Why did she need the prince for Rapunzel to escape and could she have killed Mother Gothel without the help of Flynn Ryder? This is a bad and sexist stereotype as in Tangled and in fairy takes, the princess always need’s a prince to come in right when they’re in trouble and then they fall in love later. This stereotype is offensive as Rapunzel could have easily left the tower without the help from Flynn, such as when Flynn Ryder broke into Rapunzel’s tower when she was home alone, Rapunzel trapped Flynn into a chair using her hair and a frying pan. Flynn had a pocketknife and still couldn’t escape until Rapunzel finally let him go. Rapunzel could’ve done a similar thing to this when she found out that Gothel isn’t her real mum and could’ve easily trapped her or killed her.Rapunzel the main character in Tangled, is popular and is and the prince, all the animals and even the villain love her because she is beautiful and has magical powers. If she didn’t have all of the magical powers and wasn’t known as a young beautiful princess who everybody loved than Flynn wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. Basically, author is saying that the prince only fell in love with Rapunzel for her magical powers and she looks instead of her personality. She is also very young as in Tangled, Rapunzel is 18 years old whereas Flynn Rider is 26 years old, so one of the other reasons for why Flynn Rider might of fell in love with Rapunzel is because she is young.

So, these are all of the reasons for why I think that Tangled is a bad role-model towards little children. As well as why I think that there is a place for new fairy tales that don’t follow these offensive and sexist stereotypes.

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