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Rapunzel'. A Story of Courage and Determination

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Have you ever wanted to give up in life and just quit, well I have Have you ever loved something so much that you’d die for, but then it all gets taken away? This is the time I lost my friends, house and my passion, all in one year.

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In 2015 I was in elementary school in the 5th grade I loved to play the violin and there were different levels, or how advanced you were at play. I wanted to get the black string because I was three levels away from getting it. Sadly, my life was taking a different route, still, in elementary before me getting ready to move I lived with my mom, and my middle sister until she moved out nine months after my sister moved out three months later my mom met this man. That man was my school crossing guard but he'd later be my new stepdad. So my mom and Mr. Craig (the step-dad) got married and it was moving time, honestly from the bottom of my heart I did not want to leave. So i tried to at least asked my mom to reconsider moving so fast because he really didn't want to bond with me and we didn't have anything in common so why would I want this man to be my step-dad, so I finally asked my mom to not marry Mr. Craig but she said she still said she wanted to get married. Then I asked could they at least date for a little while longer but she insisted to get married so I just stopped trying. Now at this time I started my second semester of 5th grade and I went to Caraway Intermediate, I still remember my mom going up registering me in and I hated her for not listening to me because I felt all my friends, all these memories I left behind I was extremely depressed and my social life showed for it. I just went to school and did my work nothing more or less, I barely even talked to my teachers, then my situation got even worse. The bullying started the second week of me there, not even a full month, at this point I'm depressed and I was never suicidal I just felt like I had no purpose. Now fast-forwarding to 6th grade I moved school again, and this school was a little bit better than Caraway but still the bullying happening and I have at least three or four friends I was a little bit happier now. Now my stepdad still hasn't taken the time to try and bond and I'm ok with that but have you ever told someone something like advice and they not listen? Well that happened to my mom her and my stepdad started arguing, over little stuff like food or the tv and not being rude I would sit there and laugh because it's like I told you so moment. One day we were on the way to my aunt's house and she sat there and vented to me about why she married him she claims she got with him so I could have a male figure in my life and I felt like she was trying to say it was my fault. So that hurt and offended me because I told you not to marry him then she throws that up in my face? How dare you, so now my mom is unhappy and were all in one house just there we don't talk or nothing. Now the fighting continued and I just learned to tune them out and focus on myself now in 10th grade I am happy with honestly everything.

One of my favorite movies Tangled also talks about courage because all Rapunzel wants to do is go outside of her castle to see floating lights. But her step-mother doesn't want her to leave and fulfill her dreams, Rapunzel doesn't know that her “mother” actually kidnapped her because she had magical long hair. Rapunzel later grows up and begins to get curious and tried many times to escape but her mother (kidnapper) would not let her. One day while she was trying to escape again she met a man (Flynn Rider), Tangled starts to get an idea she forced Flynn to help her escape the castle to go see the floating lights. But in exchange she would have to give him his crown back, Now time to escape the have a few struggles trying to pass the “mother” up. They finally escape the castle, Flynn gets curious about Rapunzel long hair she tells him that it's magical. While she tells him that they arrive and Rapunzel got to the castle and she saw the floating lights on her 18th birthday. But something crazy happened at the floating lights it revealed that she was the missing princess and her “mother” had been lying to her. ‘Mother” reveals that her real name is Mother Gothel and while she and Rapunzel are arguing she stabs Flynn and she believes he's dead, while Rapunzel is crying over Flynn's Mother Gothel cuts her hair and she loses all her magic. While Mother Gothel is being cocky because she took Rapunzel's magic Flynn wakes up and kills Mother Gothel, Rapunzel goes back to the king where the light floating was and reunites with her parents. Everyone in the kingdom is extremely happy because she has come back from the dark and while all of this is happening Rapunzel and Flynn confesses to each other along the way they have feelings for each other and decide to get married, and they live as happy as they could be.

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