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This world has so many opportunities, that are so majestic and so magnificent that are too precious to be taken for granted. Nature has so much to offer us, nature is the reason that we have gotten to where we are today. Without the very first building blocks to form the very first forms of Earth intelligence, would be lost forever. If something were to happen to our home, then how would humanity move on? That is precisely what is...
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Individual and society as a theme shows us up in the books very often - authors love to use “extra people”, as it is called in Russian literature, to show absolute difference between them and other people. In most cases, these characters are endowed with unique way of thinking, ideals, and moral principles. Because of their bright individuality, they are alone, in most cases, without friends and soulmates what makes them feel uncomfortable and suffer in society. In this class...
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Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein at a pivotal moment in european history. Europe, a leading force during the industrial revolution occurring at the time, experience a drastic transition from an agricultural society to a modernized, technological based society. While this revolution brought on innovation that proved beneficial, not everyone was completely on board with the forces of industrialization. Mary Shelly, like many of her fellow romantics, was skeptical of the rapid march of industrialization that was changing so many aspects of...
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The short story “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury is about a group of people who time travel millions of years into the past to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The company, known as “Time Safari, Inc,” has a strict set of rules that involve the dangers of time traveling. As simple as the rules are, they have a severe impact if not followed properly. Simply stepping on a bug in the past could drastically change the future. “A Sound...
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