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When describing humans as God We might best describe humans as 'priestly kings.' Like kings, According to Genesis 1:26, all humans were meant to govern and reign on God's behalf on this earth. As humans, we were called out and set apart to do God's purpose and definition of good and evil something that humanity failed at rather quickly because of continual disobedience due to the freedom of choice that God instilled in every one of us. We as humans...
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Displays of awesome cosmic power, tender love stories, tearful family reunions, and tales of deceit, rape, murder, and worldwide destruction. If this sound like the script for a movie, no it is not, It is how a world created for love and harmony goes astray because of sin. Through it all, God is at work, forming a people to restore what was lost. The book of Genesis is about the creation, Genesis explains the beginning of many important realities: the...
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The arguments circulating around The Hebrew scriptures of Genesis spark many theories among the religious and conspiracist alike, but no conspiracy is more debated about than whether Moses is the true author of the book of Genesis. This paper is here to put the conspiracies to rest by proving that Moses did not in fact write the book of Genesis. These are the three strongest points that I will make as to why Moses couldn’t have possibly written 'Genesis'. The...
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‘Genesis’ is the first book of the Hebrew and Christian canon, and as it sets the scene for the rest of Scripture, its theological importance cannot be overstated. Every Biblical book that follows is to be read through the theological and historical lens offered in its foundational narrative. The subject of this exegetical tract is the third chapter of ‘Genesis'; with significant focus on verse 3:6. Within this text the Biblical author is telling of the temptation of the Woman...
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