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Reflection of the Story of Silent Spring: Opinion Essay

Hi. My name is Abir. I am here to tell you the story of Silent Spring – The Book That Killed Thousands. Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, influenced the banning of DDT,a chemical that was being over sprayed in the U.S.A. Although Rachel Carson triumphed over authority, banning DDT caused deadly mosquitoes to be common, tragically infecting and killing many people unnecessarily because of malaria outbreaks. Rachel Carson needed to convince people that banning DDT would be a good idea.She...
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Accomplishments of Rachel Louise Carson in Writing and Research: Analysis of Silent Spring

Growing up in a home where nature was integrated to their daily ventures allowed Rachel Louise Carson to love it from a very young age, which in turn influenced her field of academia. Her accomplishments in writing and research embarked an activist movement related to the environment, impacting a range of individuals all over the world. Carson was born on May 27, 1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Living in this rural river town allowed her to write about nature at a...
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Silent Spring Versus Frankenstein: Comparative Analysis

Most of us can understand the serious consequences modifying our food and life can be. Whether it is injecting pesticides in our food to make them last longer or wanting to change the genes in our children, they can seem great at first but they can end up having unintended dangers that can soon to be harmful for not only us, but animals and plants as well. Those who do understand the negative effects to these topics and agree, don’t...
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Ill Effects of Environment in the Heart of America in Silent Spring: Analytical Essay

Introduction “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature- the assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter” – Rachel Carson Nature remains as the beginning of the world. It is believed that God created nature first and then human beings to preserve and enjoy its ambiance. Human’s duty to preserve nature have been started since creation. But in these days nature is destructed by us and demolished by us. Environment is devastated for many...
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Critical Analysis of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

Writer, scientist, and ecologist Rachel Carson’s metaphors, rather than highlight the connections between human beings and the natural world, aims instead to reveal how human actions affect other living and feeling beings in nature. Through metaphor, Carson illuminates how human actions dramatically, harmfully influence other sentient beings in order to emphasize that the Earth is a shared space. In Silent Spring (1962), Carson uses personification to apply human qualities to the natural world in order to make them more relatable,...
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