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The novels taken for analysis are White Noise and Libra. The main protagonist in the novel White Noise is Jack Gladney. The work focuses on the ideas fear of death, creating false identity to survive in the society. The choice of the supermarket is significant for Jack's ultimate transcendence. It is the trope of existence throughout the novel. Indeed, the supermarket scene in the closing chapter is mystically charged as a sacred space for personal transcendence. The supermarket is the...
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Analysing the narrative structure of the works provide and interconnection between the formal and thematic function of the novel. Fiction provides a distinctively narrative means of countering the loss of individual, meaningful experience so often associated with the ahistorical, simulacral, and absurdly ironic nature of postmodernity. DeLillo is considered as one of the important writers of the twentieth century. Many critics has seen his work as exemplifying novels which examine the present sociocultural condition offered by Jean Baudrillard, Frederic Jameson...
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His son Heinrich as they are driving to school in the rain. Heinrich told his dad that, in spite of what looks like rain on the windshield, the radio said it wasn’t going to rain until that night. His dad is frustrated. “Just because it’s on the radio doesn’t mean we have to suspend belief in the evidence of our senses.” “Our senses? Our senses are wrong a lot more often that they’re right. This has been proved in the...
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The novel White Noise was popular one among DeLillo novels. Don DeLillo won the National Award for Fiction for this particular novel in the year 1986. Paul Bryant calls White Noise as anti-realistic fiction. Though the novel published few years after the Bhopal gas tragedy in India, many critics compared the air borne toxic event in the novel White Noise with the original Bhopal Gas tragedy. The novel White Noise was published in the year 1985. White Noise is Don...
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The technique is the means by which the writer’s experience, which is his subject matter, compels him to attend to it; technique is the only means he has of discovering, exploring, developing his subject, of conveying its meaning, and, finally, evaluating it. (Shorter 18) Analysing the narrative structure of the works provide an interconnection between the formal and thematic function of the novel. Fiction provides a distinctively narrative means of countering the loss of individual, meaningful experience so often associated...
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The order of evacuation by the authorities demonstrates the intensity of the danger, and the information Heinrich provides, as ambiguous as it is, further questions the sense of living. The cloud, a by-product of a consumer product designed to remove the discomforts of nature from our world, is a literalized culmination of the various insidious waves and radiation that Heinrich informs his family are killing the Gladney’s every day. The invisible killers have materialized in the form of the cloud....
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Consumer culture has been discussed by many authors and philosophers as long as the human race has been consuming. Consumerism is often referred to as a negative force in society, specifically in the United States, due to America’s image of surplus and leisure even in times of societal and economic suffering as discussed in Clay Sirkey’s “Gin, Television, and Social Surplus.” In Don DeLillo’s White Noise, consumerism is described beyond just a social negative; where, in this society, consumer culture...
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In his 1985 novel White Noise, Don DeLillo paints a modern society that is composed of systems too great to comprehend, putting control out of the hands of individuals. Don DeLillo crafts a postmodern society governed by cryptic systems, a world in which individuals are alienated from reality by technological codes and formulas dictate success. Dellilo challenges the postmodern thought that academics, technology and institutions can answer the questions of life and death and offers death as a shared burden...
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Don Dellilo’s protagonist in his novel “White Noise,” Jack Gladney, has a “nuclear family” that is, ostensibly, a prime example of the disjointed nature way of the “family” of the 80’s and 90’s — what with Jack’s multiple past marriages and the fact that his children aren’t all related. It’s basically the antipodal image of the 1950’s “nuclear family.” Despite this surface-level disjointedness, it his family and the “extrasensory rapport” that he shares with them that allows Jack to survive...
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