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I or Eye This essay ponders upon one of the main aspects present in James Joyce's Ulysses, namely Joyce's ‘postmodern' turn, discourse parallax. In order for this to properly happen, the first and foremost issue to discuss should be the chapter titled ‘Cyclops', this being the chapter in which I opt to analyze this aspect. During my analysis, it is mainly important to ponder upon the meaning of parallax and the use of it, but what is even more important...
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Ulysses is dwelling on his return home after his long and fulfilling journey through the seas and is unsatisfied with what he has returned to. He is longing for the satisfaction of sharing the adventures that he experienced after the Trojan war, however, he is disappointed when his kingdom is nothing but ungrateful. Ulysses feels disrespected when all that the kingdom wants from him is to do what he is expected to as a king. This disregards Ulysses’ wishes as...
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The order of evacuation by the authorities demonstrates the intensity of the danger, and the information Heinrich provides, as ambiguous as it is, further questions the sense of living. The cloud, a by-product of a consumer product designed to remove the discomforts of nature from our world, is a literalized culmination of the various insidious waves and radiation that Heinrich informs his family are killing the Gladney’s every day. The invisible killers have materialized in the form of the cloud....
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The cultural phenomenon of modernism arose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in result of wanting to break past generic works and create something new and modern as another way of expressing the changes of society. Pre-modernism was a way that people created things like art in service of god. Literature was created to document history or particular lifestyles as they happened. The modernists always wanted to progressively make their work better. An author from the modernist period,...
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Alfred Lord Tennyson’s fascination with Greek mythology and Arthurian legends are largely evident in his literary works. The Lady of Shallot, Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, Galahad and Idylls of the King are examples of his Arthurian inclinations. Ulysses, Tithonus and The Lotos Eaters show his beguilement to Greek mythology. The poem Ulysses was written in 1833 the same year his friend Arthur Hallam passed away. The poem, co-incidentally, largely looms around the concept of death. Tennyson perhaps wrote Ulysses...
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Modernism was a movement that formed at the beginning of the twentieth century and lasted roughly 65 years. Cultural shocks, such as World War I, instigated the era of Modernism. While this war was meant to end all wars, people could not fathom that such an event was actually taking place, and the disastrous state of humanity that it revealed. After World War II followed within the span of a single generation, the morale and peace of Western civilization was...
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Mazzeno’s review of ‘Ulysses’ begins with an outlook on different perspectives of critics. While Tennyson's contemporaries seem to view it as the heroic spirit who is determined ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’, some later critics see it as the most unconscious confessions of a king who has failed. He, after all, proposes to abandon his family and his kingdom, run away from his duties and risk the lives of his companions with a desire to...
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