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The Thing Around Your Neck Essays

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Respect to Traditions and Courage of Women in The Thing Around Your Neck

In the past few years, a Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has become a feminist icon for many. The author openly criticizes patriarchal oppression, speaks often about the importance of feminism and equal rights for women, and consequently, she reflects her convictions in her literary works: “Adichie’s works wholly indict the patriarchal oppression of women and also encourage women to assert themselves irrespective of cultural norms and archaic traditions which have denied them their human rights and have largely promoted...
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Artificiality in Marriage Discussed in Stories of Adichie And Ibsen

A situation, state, or idea is artificial when it has been created unnaturally, and therefore seems unnecessary or insincere. Thus, in many ways, the term “artificial” can be applied to Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s short stories “Jumping Monkey Hill” and “The Arrangers of Marriage” from her short story collection “The Thing Around Your Neck”. Although the texts involve different settings, time periods, and characters, both Ibsen and Adichie use the term to criticize how...
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The Cell One: Educative Story of The Thing Around Your Neck about Colorism and Criminal System

In life we are never aware of the outcomes of our consequences, but when we face our consequences we feel remorse towards the ones we hurt. “Cell One” focuses on the out-of-control crime and the corrupt criminal system in Nigeria by telling the story of a boy’s stay in jail. When someone is taken into custody, things start to change for the good. Unfortunately, the narrator’s brother, Nnamabia, was one of those taken into prison as guilty of theft. In...
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Themes in Jumping Monkey Hill and The Thing round Your Neck: Analytical Essay

A theme in each `Jumping Monkey Hill` and ` The Thing round Your Neck` was discrimination against women. `This used to be more of a center of attention in `Jumping Monkey Hill` however was in reality nonetheless present in `The Thing round Your Neck`. In each story, the lady protagonist was sexually harassed. In `The Thing around your Neck` Akunna left her uncle’s house because he felt her up and desired to do more. On pages 116 to 117 it...
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The Thing Around Your Neck: Short Story about Reality and Expectations of American Dream

“The Thing Around Your Neck” is a short story in which Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author, presents two characters, Akunna, the main character in the story and Akunna’s boyfriend, also known as The boy in the story. Akunna wins the “American visa lottery” and gets a green card to go live in America. She is an independent woman who went to community college but later drops out due to financial problems. The boy is a rich and wealthy person that...
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The Thing Around Your Neck: Concept of Microagression in Stories of Adichie

“Cell One” and “Private Experience” are short stories written by Afro-feminist novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. One interesting point of her style of writing is that she does not believe in writing utopian, ideal fiction novels. She incorporates a number of undesirable events and micro-aggression in a number of perspectives that portray an unfortunate yet real world. Both “Cell One” and “Private Experience” show recurring events of these micro-aggression. Cell One is presumably narrated through the eyes of Adichie. The story...
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Essay on The Thing round Your Neck: Analysis of Immigrant Experiences Status in America

Undervaluing a woman’s body as valuable possession is itself patriarchal domination. This commodification of women causes anxiety in conjugal life. It is noticed by Author that “the husband expects the wife to requirements of a wife, a mother, a housekeeper, and above business commodity – all rolled into one.” Ivp 259. By excuse or compromise, women subject themselves to patriarchy. The mindset calls to explain victimhood as fate or necessity as they prefer to understand it as “caused by habit...
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‘The Thing Around Your Neck’ and ‘The New Husband’: Critical Analysis

The Thing Around Your Neck (Adichie, 2009) is a collection of short stories written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that has received worldwide recognition and has been nominated for several awards such as the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (2010) and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (2010). In the short stories, Adichie explores how immigrants in America suffer when they arrive in the United States. Though the stories do not share the same plot or characters, they are woven together by their themes....
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Main Themes in The Thing Around Your Neck: Critical Analysis

Meeting someone new for the first time often fills individuals with a range of emotions, questions, excitement and curiosity. As is true for anything new, the thrill of being able to start fresh or experience something unknown is an incredible notion. The short story “A Private Experience” depicts two women who come from completely different backgrounds. Chika, a Christian medical student is caught in the middle of a riot. She finds shelter in an abandoned store with the help of...
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Characters and Italics in The Thing Around Your Neck: Adichie’s Method of Characterization

Characters and Italics: Adichie’s method of characterization In the many short stories contained in The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Adichie portray various characters of many nationalities and identities. For example, a few characters adapt to the West when they arrive in America. Also, many Caucasians find themselves disconnected from the various African cultures. In particular, the short stories of Jumping Monkey Hill and The Arrangers of Marriage come to mind when reflecting on these ideas. Adichie uses italics...
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