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‘Compare and contrast three poems which are at least one hundred years apart in composition with respect to genre and poetic technique.’ From the 16th Century to the 20th Century, poetry had drastically evolved over time from Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s verse drama to the uprising of the free verse. Edmund Spenser’s (1552-1599) ‘Sonnet LXVII’ (1595) offers an insight into a huntsman who is in the pursuit of a lover, William Blake’s (1757-1827) ‘A Poison Tree’ (1794) teaches us of the...
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Intro: Why does poetry speak to us in a way that grasps our attention and makes us want to discover more? Edmund Spenser’s ‘Sonnet LXVII’ (1595) offers an insight into a huntsman who is in pursuit of a lover, William Blake’s ‘A Poison Tree’ (1794) teaches us of the underlining conflict between a friend and a foe and William Butler Yeats’s ‘Leda and the Swan’ (1923) acknowledges the cruel and harrowing depiction of rape between Lena and Zeus, the God...
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‘Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard’ by Thomas Gray, ‘A Poison Tree’ by William Blake and ‘A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General' by Jonathan Swift are all poems which address death from various perspectives and use various techniques to express this common theme. In this essay, I will investigate how these three poems treat their common theme, of death, in different ways to present a variety of the views that many may have of...
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Ambiguity has been identified as one of the core aspects of poetry by many. Sir William Empson said of it: “The machinations of ambiguity are among the very roots of poetry”. This paper is a contemplation about the extent Empson’s utterance it truthful to. To understand significance of ambiguity it is important to be aware that it is only one of many points that were argued in the transition of literary criticism from simple unsubstantiated judgements to a proper respected...
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‘A Poison Tree’, written by William Blake and published in 1794, uses rhyming couplet form, symbolism and metaphors, and tone to convey message. The message of the poem is that humans ‘water’ their anger and let it grow, whereas the poem tries to teach us that this is unideal. The poem ‘The Poison Tree’ is a rhyming couplet. This is used as rhyming couplet is a very basic style following AABB. This contrasts the complex human emotions that are portrayed...
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