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In the reading, White Heron, Jennet brings to our attention the story of Sylvie, a shy former city girl who enjoys nature and is keen on protecting the environment. Jennet’s story expresses the internal conflict Sylvie faces; she is torn between pleasing her grandmother and the young hunter and saving the life of the bird. She does not disclose the secret of the heron bird despite the enticing reward the young hunter from the city had promised. A sense of...
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The issue of social and economic discrimination of women or the unequal treatment between men and women, was one of the issues remained in America after the Civil War. Women were expected to be caring and obedient and they were viewed as weak and submissive, which is coined by the term “Angel in the House”.They were simply the properties of their husbands, whom they aimed to give pleasure, and were only appreciated through the domestic work they applied in the...
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Susan Griffin’s 1973 book Woman and Nature, brings together the societal view of patriarchy with collective voices of women. Griffin examines relationships between humans and nature, between men and women, and between patriarchy and the “other,” as used in the book, which signifies the voice woman in a time period that often rejects the views of women. She uses these relationships in order to issue a call for change within a society. Though this book came many years after Jewett’s...
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The Minister’s Black Veil: Without a doubt, the most important symbol in this story is the Black Veil. To all the people of the town, Hooper’s veil is a sign that he is trying to hide away from a sin that he has committed. Yet Hooper makes it known that he intends the veil to be a symbol of everyone’s general sinfulness. These two could mean the same thing. In other words, the people only focus on the sins of...
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Introduction to Archetypes and Myths Before one can define archetypal criticism, one must define what an archetype is. An archetype, in literature, is a predictable action, character, or a circumstance that displays patterns in human nature that are universal and can be compared to other behavior patterns. A “universal symbol,” another term for an archetype, could be a theme, symbol, setting, or a character. Archetypes help the structure and function of a piece of literary work, due to the representation...
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