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Cultural differences and social status should not be used as a way to separate people. In many instances, individuals especially from low social status perceive those from higher social status as being superior. In addition, some people tend to view other cultural practices as more decent than theirs. These perceptions are some of the root causes of low confidence and esteem issues manifested in people who suffer from inferiority complex. In her short story, “Fish Cheeks”, Army Tan has successfully...
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Some mothers are role models. Both of the mothers in Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan and My Mothers Garden by Katlin Greenridge were role models because they both wanted what is best for their daughters and both of them are different from everyone else but they still make the best of things. In Fish Cheeks, the mom doesn't want her daughter to be something she isn't. She doesn't want her daughter to try to change just to impress the opposite...
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“Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan and “Museum” by Naomi Shihab Nye written by two authors experiences in their teenage years. Both stories tell about teenage feelings of embarrassment. The main characters in both stories experience different circumstances but indeed similar feelings. The two stories are similar in the way both authors experienced embarrassing emotions, and both authors learned a great lesson in life. The two stories are different but have similar lessons that are learned in life. Both stories are...
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Amy Tan's short story, "Fish Cheeks," explores the theme of identity and cultural acceptance through the eyes of a young Chinese-American girl named Amy. Set during a Christmas Eve dinner with her American friends, Amy experiences a clash between her Chinese heritage and the desire to fit in with her predominantly white peers. Through the vivid portrayal of her internal struggles, Tan illuminates the complexities of embracing one's cultural identity while navigating the pressures to conform to societal norms. One...
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Introduction "Fish Cheeks" is a poignant and insightful short story written by Amy Tan, a prominent Chinese-American author. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Tan explores themes of cultural identity, self-acceptance, and the challenges of assimilation. Through vivid descriptions and a powerful narrative voice, Tan invites readers to delve into the complexities of her upbringing and the clash between her Chinese heritage and American culture. This literary criticism essay will examine the significance of "Fish Cheeks," analyzing its thematic exploration,...
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