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Is Our Technology Taking Us Closer To The World Of Big Brother?

With the way our technology is progressing, the world of big brother is closer than we think it is. A few years ago, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was exposed to the public. The Washington Post stated that the US government hacks phones, computer and TV’s of regular people. In some cases, there is a tool called Weeping Angel that makes homeowners believe their tv is turned off when in reality, a bug records any conversation and sends it a...
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The Concept Of Big Brother In The Novel 1984

Rising communist nations plagued the world with manipulation and oppression as a method to secure complete control. In societies completely controlled by a totalitarian government, no one has freedom. 1984 is a political novel written by George Orwell in which it warns of what can result from a totalitarian government. Orwell took the observations made from existing communist countries in the 1940s and created this oppressed world set in 1984. The authoritarian society, Oceania, is created to be a possibility...
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The Character Of Big Brother In George Orwell's 1984

Investigating 1984 as an Impression of Orwell’s Way of thinking George Orwell’s 1984 is a book about Winston Smith, a low-positioning individual from The Gathering which rules the country of Oceania. The territory of Oceania in London is where our first and fundamental character Winston Smith lives. There are signs reminding residents that Big Brother is continually viewing. Big Brother is the pioneer of the gathering where Winston is a part of just as every one of the individuals of...
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Big Brother Idea In Philosophy And Psychology

While the idea of the Big Brother has its interpretation in philosophy, also it reveals different views in politics. “Big Brother” is a political thought and it made an impact on politics. Isaac Deutscher (1955) mentions in his essay “1984 – The Mysticism of cruelty”, the most famous terms has entered the political vocabulary is “Big Brother”. It occurs in most newspaper articles and speeches denouncing Russia and communism. Television and the cinema have familiarised many millions of viewers on...
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