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In both Ozymandias and London, the poets William Blake and Percey Shelley critique social structures that award power and authority to the wealthy minority; to the disadvantage of the poor and those who hold a lesser status in society. This is explored in numerous ways in both Ozymandias and London. Shelley and Blake have both manipulated structural techniques in order to portray how those of higher power have the ability to dictate society as they please. In London, this can...
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The theme of power is explored in these two sonnets by contrasting the insignificance of human power in the face of God’s power. In ‘Ozymandias’, God’s power is symbolised as a time to emphasise the fragility of human power in comparison with God. The sonnet is told from the perspective of a traveller who tells of the ruins of a statute intended to commemorate a once-great ruler, with only ‘trunkless legs of stone’ and a ‘shattered visage’ remaining in the...
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Percy Bysshe Shelley represents throughout the entirety of the poem that eventually power won't amount to anything and will be forgotten or to have no importance. All that remains of the statue are two “vast” stone legs standing upright and a head half-buried in sand, along with a boastful inscription describing the ruler as the “king of kings” whose mighty achievements invoke awe and despair in all who behold them. The inscription stands in ironic contrast to the decrepit reality...
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How Power is presented in Ozymandias and London are very similar but there are some anomalies. For example the way both poems are structured. In London, there are paragraphs. Four in fact. I suggest that this has to do with how power in William Blake's time was controlled. The space between the paragraphs symbolises the change of power or power is not continuously in one person's hand. On the other hand ozymandias is one paragraph symbolising continuous power held by...
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In Ozymandias and London shows us that nature is the most powerful thing and that humans can not control it. The statue in Ozymandias shows the importance of human power and how we as humans thing we can dominate nature. This can be portrayed in the quote ‘near them, on the sand half sunk, a shattered visage lies’. Sibilance is used in this section because is shows that we can almost imagine the sight of the statue sinking and it...
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Power is presented in Ozymandias as one like a dictatorship. For example, important figures or people in power are usually celebrated through statues and monuments. In Ozymandias, the state of the statue can symbolise the change in power. For example, when Ozymandias was in power it is suggested that he was controlling and cruel. This is evident in the line, ‘sneer of cold command'. The use of plosive alliteration exaggerates the idea that he is powerful and feared. In contrast,...
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“The Big Trip Up Yonder” by Kurt Vonnegut and The Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley are two different literary works that are similar but as well have differences. Although the two jobs are different in the form where one is a story, and the other is a poem, the authors have Applied different literacy skills, which make the two similar. 'The Big Trip Up Yonder by Kurt Vonnegut is a story that was set during the 2158 A.D. The story...
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Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is considered by many to be one of the greatest comics ever written as it transformed the entire comic book world. It not only criticizes comics and superheroes, but it in fact deconstructs the entire myth of the superhero. The central question that Moore and Gibbons challenge readers to think about, “who watches the Watchmen,” opens up some discussion involving the moralities of the characters. Should we as readers and members of the...
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Power is presented in Ozymandias by a king’s statue. The statue says a lot about Rameses II the king, his attitude, and how he ruled. Firstly, the phrase “vast and trunkless” suggests the statue was large but “trunkless” meaning that it’s without a body. This phrase shows that even without the body the legs alone are huge enough. Time has passed and part of the structure is still standing, not completely ruined. In line 5 the quote “wrinkled lip and...
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Throughout both Ozymandias and London, the poets portray power through the corruption of both the Egyptian tyrant Ozymandias, and the most wealthy groups of society in Victorian London such as the government, monarchy and the church. Shelley uses Ozymandias’s corruptive nature to highlight how his rule over his empire, led to him becoming an arrogant leader with a love for power and an utter disregard for his own people. The poet suggests that Ozymandias believes he is superior to his...
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