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Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson: Book Review

Just Mercy is an extraordinary book. Its a powerful truthful and story by Bryan Stevenson, Stevenson who is an attorney guides us through his life in Alabama and how he helps defend innocent, poor men and women on death row who were wrongly convicted. Throughout each of the cases, Stevenson shows us how messed up are system can be. In this essay, we will talk about how the system has failed some prisoners and see how racial profiling, poverty, and...
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Injustice in Criminal Justice System: Analytical Essay on Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

The United States of America, the “land of the free”, is not living up to its ideals of freedom. Our criminal justice system is unjust and discriminatory towards people of color and low socioeconomic status. They’re more likely to receive a death penalty sentence than a white person because race and finacial assets, unfortunately, are some of the determining factors of who gets the death penalty. It has turned into a system of oppression for the poor, defenseless, and falsely...
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Representation of Memorable Cases and Experiences in “Just Mercy”: Opinion Essay

Society is falling apart as the powers of division develop, becoming tenacious, dividing individuals. We are losing trust in one another and in the future of the country and even the world. Sentiments of dissatisfaction, feebleness and loss are making us powerless against stories such as the ‘us versus them’ accounts, which turns one against the other. The country itself is openly broken apart and people are grown different and see others as different and even lower at points and...
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Themes of Stereotypes and Discrimination in Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson: Analytical Essay

A stereotype is a perception that an individual within a certain social setting shares common characteristics. In other words, it is a belief about a person that is based on the perception of the cultural values of the society they come from. Indeed, the concept of stereotype in which people are judged primarily on the traits associated with their origin is well ingrained in American society. The idea uses statistical discrimination in which a previous set of statistical data associated...
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Analytical Essay: Ideas of Deterrence and Discrimination in Don't Shoot, Just Mercy, The Caging of America

Kennedy focused on the idea of deterrence in his book Don’t Shoot. His intended goal was to stop the killings that was happening in the African American communities. The killings stemmed from guns and drugs. There was not a lot of attention that was given to these communities and people just let it happen. Kennedy decided that it was time for him to do something about the situation and that is exactly what he did. I strongly believe that this...
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Leading Idea from Bryan Stevenson's Book Just Mercy: Opinion Essay

I am a sophomore at Grand Rapids Community College. I would like to address and discuss the topic of criminal justice reform in Michigan, specifically, raising the age for the automatic adult prosecution. I believe the age should be raised from seventeen to eighteen because the difference between an adult and a minor is not a thin line by any means. How can you compare a minor to an adult criminal if they can’t consume alcohol until they’re twenty-one or...
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Theme of Criminal Appeals in Just Mercy: Analytical Essay

Most people are wrongly convicted of a crime. If there was an error, then you would want to file an appeal to a higher court as quick as possible. Any legal errors can affect the outcome of the case and can put the defendant in a tough spot. If they are convicted as guilty then the process to reverse might not be as simple. In this essay, I will talk about how a criminal appeal is very important to the...
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Representation of Racism within the Criminal Justice System in Just Mercy: Analytical Essay

The criminal justice system is an important component within the government to enforce the laws, the courts and the corrections to succeed in achieving social order. Without the justice system, problems regarding the law can heighten. Without the system, citizens will be living in a lawless chaos. Despite the obvious need for the justice system, there has been occasions where it has failed to accomplish its main goal. I say this not because they don’t get the job done, it...
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Reader's Reflection on Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

I want to start off by saying that I liked the book, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. This book really talks about and highlights the issues that are still occuring in our justice system today. The reason why I like this book is because me as a person of color it sheds light to what people of color face when it comes to the justice system. This book focuses on a black man named Walter McMillian who is accused of...
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Mass Incarceration As A Substitute For Slavery in the Book Just Mercy by Bryan Steven: Analytical Essay

Introduction African Americans have struggled in the U.S. for 450 years. This paper traces that development and harms done to African Americans and how we feel about living in a terrorist society. The police chased an innocent black man named Prince Jones from Washington, D.C. to his home in Alexandria, Virginia and killed him in front of his girlfriend’s apartment. He did not have to die, but he did die as part of the terrorism that infects the culture of...
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