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A well written piece of African literature set against post-colonial Nigeria exploring a variety of themes prevalent to modern African households. We explore this book through the eyes of the 15 year protagonist Kambili on her coming of age of alongside her brother Jaja. Both the characters are undergoing the ...

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The novel Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie and the film The Colour Purple directed by Steven Spielberg explores how the voices of female are oppressed and expressed in patriarchies. By exploring the denial of the female voice through the characters of Beatrice in Purple Hibiscus and Celie in The Colour Purple, the stories criticise gender inequality and are a reminder of the oppression women faced in the 20th century, making readers reflect on gender inequality that still exists today. They...
2 Pages 825 Words
Adichie's Purple hibiscus is a novel based in post-colonial Nigeria where we are introduced to 15-year old Kambili who shares her narrative on the toxic family environment in which her father, an abusive catholic man oppresses and imposes his beliefs on his family. In the following essay, I will be discussing the key theme of defiance in Purple Hibiscus. To achieve this I will carefully explore Kambili’s experience +with open obedience in terms of the manner in which the characters...
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In the novel ‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the main character Kambili and her family goes through the motions of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very serious issue that people have to go through everyday, according to statistics “Nearly 1 million women experience at least one incident of domestic abuse each year” (Starmer) and “At least 750,000 children a year witness domestic violence” (Starmer). Which shows that domestic violence is a real problem in today’s society. Kambili, Jaja,...
3 Pages 1158 Words
When MLK spoke at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, he used a mountain top to represent and symbolize the civil rights movement's climb throughout American history. Ascending the mountain represented freedom from slavery and segregation. Similarly, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche uses the hibiscus flower to capture her idea of the cultural and religious 'civil war' in Nigeria during the 1990s. In Adichie’s novel Purple Hibiscus, the hybrid flower becomes a symbol of freedom from colonialism and its insidious influences culturally and...
2 Pages 947 Words
How do the authors of The Girl on the Train and Purple Hibiscus explore domestic violence within their novels? The Girl on the Train and Purple Hibiscus are two novels which explore the theme of domestic violence. The Girl on the Train was written by Paula Hawkins. The story follows three women; Rachel, Anna and Megan and their struggles with relationships, domestic violence, motherhood and alcoholism. Similarly, following the theme of domestic violence, Purple Hibiscus is written by Chimamanda Ngozi...
4 Pages 1886 Words
Narratives have been universally told since the beginning of human existence because they highlight social issues, shaped by their contexts. ‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the film, ‘The Color Purple’ directed by Stephen Spielberg are no exceptions of such narratives. Through analysing and comparing narratives, truths about society- both previous and current are revealed. Such narratives allow future generations to be well-versed of the hardships endured by their ancestors. The two narratives highlight the issues endured by Black...
2 Pages 798 Words
King and queens in the past have made the mistake of abusing their power. King George III Abused his power. He prevented the British government from making judicial decisions. He took complete control over Brittan. This resulted in the USA being founded. In the book ‘Purple Hibiscus’ Papa gets the opportunity many times and takes advantage of his power. He uses his power to take advantage of Mama the same way throughout the book. In ‘Purple Hibiscus’ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie...
2 Pages 700 Words
‘Purple Hibiscus’ falls under multiple genres like Bildungsroman and Romance that we see though Kambili’s character but is also a Novel and Domestic Fiction piece. The genres establish many themes and Adichie challenges readers to not just to think about violence, but about religious hypocrisy, family, and politics. The novel is broken up into four parts but does not follow a chronological order. Adichie includes many stylistic elements such as imagery, foreshadowing, flashback, repetition, and allegorical examples. The story is...
2 Pages 721 Words
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel ‘Purple Hibiscus’ explores the tumultuous relationships between the members of the Achike family, inflicted by the father, Eugene. The novel is narrated in the first person, by the fifteen-year-old protagonist Kambili. This essay will portray the significance of ‘body writing’ which will be depicted through Eugene and Aunty Ifeoma. The entire family are subjects to domestic violence, in which the father justifies through the practice of strict Catholicism. The idea of dualism, where the mind and...
3 Pages 1385 Words
Abstract:- The Africa is faced so many conflict like social, political and ethnic. For the main causes are weak government, state collapse, inter-ethnic clashes, economic decline, and unequal distribution of resources. African writer portrait the conflict of Africa through their fiction like Chinua Achebe, Adichie Etc. Adichie describes this history with fictionalized in her novels. This paper tried to analyze conflict in Adichie’s debuted novel purple hibiscus (2003) through the lens of conflict. How Adichie described political and ethnic conflict...
4 Pages 1886 Words
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