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Bewildered, pressure, pain and determination. Imagine having to deal with such emotions every second. In the award winning novel, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, a young exceptional intellectual is given the task and responsibility of taking the weight of the world. Andrew Wiggins, a 6 year old boy is called on by the government to attend battle school where he must learn how to fight, serve and protect. When an individual is referred to as mature, it also comes...
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The purpose of Ender's Game is to inspire the reader to be more compassionate. Throughout the book, there are many instances where Ender had to have compassion. He had to be able to know the motives of the enemy while also being able to inspire loyalty within others around him. Without compassion he wouldn’t be as good of a leader or be able to understand the situation at hand. The part in the book where the author's purpose was mostly...
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In Orson Scott Card’s book Ender’s Game, genocide is addressed. Even though it was written in 1985 the topic of genocide still hold significance to this day. In the United States and Sudan genocide can either be seen currently or in their history. Though the genocide in these countries might look different from the genocide in the book it is still the same issue. The discrimination and destruction of a people group remains a human rights issue that few know...
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Lack of Empathy Peter has for Ender: In Ender's game, Peter shows lack of empathy towards Ender because he was the reason why Ender was ever born; even though Peter was really intelligent, he was also ruthless, untrustworthy, and a sociopathic person which made him not good enough to be part of International Fleet for the Third Invasion. His lack of empathy ruined almost all of Enders childhood while Ender was in North Carolina. When Peter played buggers vs astronauts...
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How would you feel if you were tricked into committing genocide of an alien race for the sake of humans? In the book, Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, Ender Wiggin’s character was duped into doing exactly that because he was born with the perfect balance of empathy and killer instinct. Bred for his temperament, only ruthless when threatened, he dedicated himself to reestablishing the alien race he had destroyed. The story starts with Ender’s home life on earth. Early...
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Film and book composers are showing their concerns for the future by over-exaggerating the future. They are showing us faults that our world has by exaggerating the consequences of our actions. ‘Ender’s Game’ written by Orson Scott Card is a novel about militarism and ‘The Island’ directed by Michael Bay is a film about the will to live. Although our world right now is doing fine, dystopian literature serves as a form of criticism of the current systems in society...
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In ‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card, we are introduced to a six-year-old genius, Ender Wiggin. For years, Ender has been forced to train at a battle school in space to become the destined savior of the galaxy. However, after going through the torturing years there, he’s come to realize that he has been tricked into becoming his brother; a killer. Training to become a commander and to soon save the world is riddled with mind-destroying manipulation. As the book...
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In Orson Scott Card’s эEnder’s Gameэ, Peter is a character who makes great efforts to destroy Ender and rule the world but later shows love and care for his siblings. This shows that Peter is a loving brother rather than the dangerous psychopath he is believed to be. Towards the beginning of the book, Peter portrays that his intentions are to ultimately hurt or destroy anything and shows this by skinning a squirrel while it is still alive. However, later...
1 Page 511 Words
Orson Scott Card called ‘Ender's Game’ a fantasy story which talks about how human and buggers can live in a space, and it can be enjoyed as a tale about how Ender who is six years old and monitors by his brother and his sister that are older than him tries to find a safe and quite place which has not fear and no one kills him. Even though his enemies tried to control his life and destroy him, he...
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In the work of Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psychoanalysis, he determined that there are three parts of the human mind, the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The Id is the most basic primal instincts, the Ego is the grip on reality, and the Superego is the obligation to society. The Ego is often seen as a balance between the two. This theory has had a major impact on the world of psychology and beyond. In the novel ‘Ender’s...
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A dystopia is an imagined world or society in which people live wretched, dehumanized or fearful lives often filled with great suffering or injustice. Ender’s game and Gattaca are both set in dystopian realities based on events which occurred during the time they were created. Both texts are based around the lives of people who live in great suffering or injustice simply due to the fact that the society around them has evolved in such a way. Gattaca is a...
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