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In this paper I will discuss St. Augustine’s argument against suicide, a Calvinist’s view of suicide, as well as my own view of suicide, which is the Arminian view. Suicide, even if it is for saving our honour, is a sin because the Bible says, “Thou shalt not murder”, and that includes yourself. Suicide is the act of ending one’s own life, but it gets much more complex than that. So complex that we are only able to judge from...
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“The Confessions of Saint Augustine' is an autobiography that is divided into 13 books based on his journey into Catholicism. The first nine books are based on his life from birth up until he converted into Catholicism in 368 AD. The last four books are no longer about his life, but rather the interpretation of the Book of Genesis, religious and philosophical issues of memory, time and eternity. St. Augustine was a philosopher before his conversion into the Catholic faith....
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Our underlying problem, according to Augustine, has to do with affection. Our problem is misplaced tenderness. We love the unfit things, or we love the correct stuff in the unsuitable way. For specimen, we wrongly tenderness power, fame, wealth, presence, and many other stuff that are unworthy of our pet. We also fondness stuff that are virtuous of love, such as other individuals, but if we do this in an monstrous air, putting others into a place reserved for God,...
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Augustine believes that God had intended for man to obey God and woman to obey both God and man. He also thought that God intended there to be a hierarchy between body and soul. The soul, being rational, moral and capable of understanding was to be the ruler of the body and govern the spiritual part of a human. Prior to his conversion, Augustine follows the Manicheans beliefs that physical matter is an evil force distracting the pure soul. However,...
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The word antisemitism means hatred of Jews. The Holocaust, the state-sponsored persecution and murder of European Jews by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, is history’s most extreme example of antisemitism . St. John Chrysostom was born 347 CE in Antioch Syria and died September 14, 407. He was an early church father, biblical interpreter and was known for being the archbishop of Constantinople. Chrysostom is known as a vehement critic of the Jews . Chrysostom was brought to Constantinople...
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In the Confessions of Saint Augustine Book VIII begins with an immediate praise and worship to God thanking him for allowing Augustine to be converted. Throughout the book we see a major shift of Augustine’s faith, where all doubt of God’s work has been completely stripped and Augustine is fully ready to be devoted to the Lord. In his confession, it is mentioned that God does have “a spiritual substance”. This means that unlike everything on Earth God is not...
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Augustine was a Roman African who lived from 254 – 430 AD, he is renowned as a great theologian, philosopher, and writer. Throughout his life Augustine composed dozens of works, the arguably most influential being Confessions, an autobiography that outlines the spiritual journey Augustine had in his life. Throughout Confessions, Augustine constantly references his relationship with God, and the mysterious and beautiful ways in which one can connect to God. Through analysis of the text it becomes apparent of the...
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The differences between Augustine and Freud on their understanding of what constituted human being's ability to make independent choices, free will, whether it is consciously or subconsciously points to their influence in psychology. While Augustine focuses on the spiritual and mythical realms that push human beings to act, Freud highlights how their conscious minds direct them to do what is right. The contradicting approaches highlight the essence of understanding why individual choices are connected to the awareness of their environment...
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