The State And Power Of Women In Lysistrata

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The Aristophanes’ play reveals the role of women in Athenian society how they are always lonely when their husband goes to war for months at a time “We’ve got to fuss about our husbands, wake up the servants, calm and wash the babies, then give then food.” (paragraph 17-19 Calonice). While the husband is out fighting during the war the wives still have to do chores without any help from their other half. How women would have no free time of their own because they are doing chores around the house. While the men are out for a very long period of time it can put a strain on their marriage, and they might lose the spark of their love because they have not seen each other for so long. How the women are used to being alone running the household without them being by their side. The women wish to keep moving on with their Greek tradition while their husbands are away wishing how much they want them home so they can celebrate together instead of being apart for months.

The extent this play demonstrates women influence and power in society is that they would get what they want at the expense the men won’t suffer if they don’t agree to the terms. “All right then we have to give up all men penises.” (line 134 Lysistrata). While the men return home from being away at war for short period of time, they demanded their wives to have sex with them because the men get very horny and want to have sex immediately. “The effect of their sex strike on the men, portrayed in a series of explicit episode, finally drive the warrior to make peace” (page 99 in the textbook). Since the women are on strike on not having sex until they come to terms with the end of the never-ending Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. The women want the men to make peace with the enemies so they can come home sooner. “No, by god, I won’t unless you give me something in return. End this war” (line 1051-1052 Myrhine). This shows how persisted the women are and how they won’t give up unless the husband commits to it the women are tormenting the husband that they want the war to end and the only way to do that is to make peace with it. The women know for a fact that men can’t resist no sex forever and tease them about it by starling then last-minute, change their minds by getting their hopes up and then taking it away. Trying not to care what their husband says or does when they are trying to get their wives to listen or evening acknowledge them at the moment.

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Until finally comes to terms of it and decides to do what their wives says and agrees peace for both sides and can move on with their lives. The wives have their husband wrapped around their finger and after a while of not getting what they want and got bored of begging they accept the terms and finally do what their wives wanted them to do in the first place. “Let each man stand beside his wife, each wife beside her man, and then celebrate good times let’s dance in honor If the gods. And for all future time, lets never make the same mistake again.” (1469-1473 Lysistrata). When they finally made peace with each other they decided to celebrate the wonderful victory by dancing and having a blast because now their one love can stand right next to each other not having to worry about them leaving for the war again. Now they can enjoy each other's company, spend every day of their lives with each other and watch their kids grow up together and enjoy every moment they have now.

The genre of the source (a fictional play) affect my interpretation of it I thought it was a clever way to make the men end the war faster but not having sex with. “A citizen jury ruled in Aristophanes favor upholding the Athenian tradition of free speech” (page 99 in the textbook). The women are done and want their husband to hear them, so they decide to speak up on what they want their husband to do. They wanted them to end the word and return home staying and build a stable living situation instead of waiting for them to return for a few days at a time saying bye to them again for they don’t know how long. “I won’t do it so let the war drag on” (line 139-140 Myrrhine) and, “I won’t either. The war can keep on going” (line 141Calonice). How women would do anything for their husband evening giving up sex evening though they also want sex and, how they would rather have the war drag on.

After Lysistrata persuades the girl on how much better it would be if the war ended sooner and their husband can finally come home. How everything can go back to normal like before Peloponnesian War evening started “Now join me and place your hands on our sacrificial victim. O you Goddess of persuasion and the bowl which we so love, accept this sacrifice a women’s offering and be kind to us.” (line 222-225 Lysistrata). I like how Lysistrata would be calling the shots and making sure women are behind her a 100 percent and how they would stick together. “Well, first of all there should be no fighting” (line 568 Lysistrata). This shows how much Lysistrata would do anything to bring families who husband is away at war fighting instead. Wants them to be a family again and forget about this war evening happened and, almost split up tons of families because husband was not there for them or provide for them. I like how demanding the women are and would stick to their commitments even though it is killing them how much they want to break the promise with the girls to stick with it, not quite to see what will happens. The women would stay strong and how they would dream of the war to be over and they get their husband back for really not dreaming about the war being over.

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