Equality between Man and Woman Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Thesis Statement:
  2. The Spotlight Inventiveness
  3. Equality of the Sexes has Constantly Misjudged
  4. Examples of Women's Discrimination in General Society
  5. Restrictions on Women in Undeveloped Nations
  6. Men are also Confronting Imbalance because of their Gender
  7. Males are also Influenced by Sexual Molestation
  8. Me Too Movement wrongly Utilized by Females against Men
  9. Women are not Destined to Serve their Families
  10. Gender Diversity Lifts the Performance
  11. Females Part in Enhancing Gross Domestic Production
  12. How to Support and Promote Gender Equality?
  13. Gender Equality Impact on Global Business
  14. Incremental 2025 worldwide GDP over occupational as normal situation, %

    Incremental GDP, $ Trillion

  15. Conclusion:

In this essay, I will be writing about an important moral issue “Gender Equality”. As I am a female, it does not mean that sex equity is merely a ladies’ subject, however, it is necessary and supportive to people of all sexes and it should be supported by everyone. It means both genders should be considered of equivalent status and worth.

The paper will begin with an overview of gender equality and then the paper will draw light on people perception’s like how they misunderstood this sex equity concept due to lack of knowledge and ignorant behavior. The essay will provide examples of ladies’ discrimination in society and certain restrictions imposed on them which prevent them to grow in their lives. The paper will also focus on how men are also suffering inequality because of their gender, and how females are contributing to the economy of the countries. Last but not least, the paper will also discuss Sexual Orientation's impact on Global Business and give some suggestions to promote gender equality.

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Thesis Statement:

“Gender Equality ought not to be confused with woman’s rights; the objective is to lift up and inspire ladies on a similar level as of males without putting men down.”

Gender equality is also known as sexual equity or sex similarity. It isn’t a basic human right, yet an important establishment for a prosperous, nonviolent, and manageable world. Sexual equity does not imply that both men and women must always be alike or consistently need parallel treatment so as to accomplish impartiality.

However, Gender equality means viewing both genders of similar worth and rank. It means assessing an individual on the basis of their qualities and merits rather than judging or seeing them lower or greater because of their sexual orientation. Both the genders must enjoy equal human rights and must have the chance to add to or have an advantage in social, financial, political, national, and social development. The components that influence sexual orientation differences involve a perplexing mix such as culture, society, financial structure, legislative issues, and geology explicit to the locale as well to the nation.

The world has somehow accomplished growth towards sexual equity and lady’s authorization, by counting the equivalent approach to essential education among boys and girls. Despite these, Millennium development goals still females and young girls are constantly suffering through savagery and discrimination in all aspects of the world.

For instance, in the present scenario, one out of five females and girls (between 15- 49) have informed undergoing sexual and physical savagery by their life partners within a year time frame, moreover, about 49 nations do yet not have any laws to protect their females from this aggressive and insulting actions conducted within four walls. According to reports, approximately more than 30 % decline has been noticed in hurtful applies like; Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage. But still more actions and strict steps are required to abolish these harmful practices. Giving young girls and women similar approaches regarding medical care, schooling, and participation in decision-making of political and financial practices. Besides this, applying new law policies toward women's fairness in the workplace environment and the destruction of hurtful practices focused on ladies is critical to culminating the sexual orientation-based segregation widespread in several nations worldwide. (Sustainable Development Goals, n.d.).

The Spotlight Inventiveness

The United Nations and The European Union are undertaking over another, globe, Multiyear activity focusing on ending all types of fierceness towards ladies (VAWG)- The Spotlight Creativity or Initiative. The initiative is named so because it draws attention to the problems, bringing them into the spotlight and keeping it in the middle of the efforts in order to attain gender equity and women’s strengthening, in accord with the 2030 Plan for Sustainable Expansion.

Equality of the Sexes has Constantly Misjudged

As individuals consistently connect it to woman’s rights, whereas, it is simply not related to the privileges of ladies only but also thought for the similar rights for both men and women. Fairness does not imply drawing the men down and supplanting their positions with ladies. Basically, it is providing males and females alike rank in social, economic, instructive, and political fields. In our general society, not only women are denied the considerable number of chances and services that one ought to relish while existing in a society, however, males are also on a similar scale. In society, they also faced hardships of numerous open doors. The primary cause behind this is that in the past vast majority of people were uneducated or ignorant and they developed their own philosophies, and their own political and social standards, according to which nor ladies and neither man are provided equivalent human rights.

I would refer to an example from Indian Culture where there is a male-centric society that wins in each field, who viewed women as inferiors and less incredible, who are only intended to do work within the four limits of the house because they are considered less sensitive than men, even females are less protective in this type of environment. So, individuals of these societies ought to be educated so that they can comprehend and esteem everyone’s liberty and space in shaping the general public.

Sexual orientation correspondence is necessary to manufacture new economic, social, and political purposes while recompensing regard to human rights identified with both the sexes. This can only be conceivable when the twenty to thirty years old will be taught. Because the education light can only remove the haziness of imbalanced rights. (Alba, 2018).

Examples of Women's Discrimination in General Society

  • No doubt, females are provided similar work as men but when it comes to payment, they are compensated low for equal positions as compared to men. However, the shocking fact is that still more than 90 percent of domestic expenditures are looked at by females.
  • Women are not paid for 75% of their voluntary work. Such as they selflessly look after their families without demanding any pay for it. The survey of national statics reported that 58% of ladies are carers, who while performing their full-time duties, also look after their families and children. Whereas men only do their jobs and do not do any household chores.
  • Women are considered fewer experts in politics, therefore only 10 percent of women are politicians in 38 states.
  • Socially, about 750 million girls and women had to marry before 18. And 200 million females within thirty nations suffered Female Genital Mutilation.
  • Male partners have the right to stop their spouses from being employed in eighteen nations, and girls and boys do not occupy similar birth rights in thirty-nine countries. Moreover, forty-nine nations do not have regulations for the security of ladies against domestic violence. (Sustainable Developments Goals, n.d.).

Restrictions on Women in Undeveloped Nations

Women have less entree and command over important and basic possessions such as physical, property, vitality, money related, and human capital to fulfill their export and trade potential. Besides this, inadequate approach to instruction, aptitudes improvements & preparation, they cannot retrieve data and business systems that are vital for the achievement of the business. Ladies accepted appropriate for particular sort of work, such as for the lower compensation and fewer obligations. (Trudeau, 2016).

More than 63 million young girls are not allowed to pursue education. Here, I would like to cite an example of my own community, where girls do not enjoy the similar opportunities the boys have. Girls are not permitted to choose the study field according to their wishes. Furthermore, more than thousands of girls have been murdered due to honor assassination in Pakistan as well as Indian countries. In these countries’ girls cannot even select their soulmates, if they try to do so they got killed because such an act drives dishonor to their cultures and traditions.

I would also like to mention Mala Yusufzai, a girl in her adolescence who fights for the equal rights of girls in Pakistan and got attacked and assaulted by the Taliban, an association that believed that girls are not intended to raise their power of speech, they are only meant to stay at home and do household chores. The girls and ladies between 14 to 44 ages across the world are bound to bite the dust of aggressive or assaultive behavior at home as opposed to illness or mishaps. (Makers Team, 2018).

Men are also Confronting Imbalance because of their Gender

As men are comprehended leaders of their family, so they are in charge of giving funds to their family on account of this they suffered a ton of strain to prove themselves as a genuine man. Sometimes, they begin confronting sentiments like they are insufficient and begin to drink over top measures of liquor transforming their conduct into brutal and hazardous. Throughout the globe, near about three men pass away after each lady, by committing suicide in the wake of devouring liquor or with street mishaps.

On the other side, most of the time men have to recompense alimony if they get divorced. Reports say that untruthful accusations at the workplace against men, lead to ninety-four percent of males committing suicide. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how better fathers look after their children, only 15 % of men received custody of their children after getting divorced. In case, if both woman and man get charged for similar wrongdoing, at that point as well, the man would be bound to have a lengthier sentence than the lady.

If we talked about taxes, then Men pay three times more annual assessment as compared to women around the entire world, but ladies are probably going to have multiple times more assets from the administrations for their wellbeing ailments. (The Real Sexism, (n.d.).

Males are also Influenced by Sexual Molestation

Rape is all the times linked or connected with females. Whenever we all heard the word ‘Rape’ we always think that a lady is explicitly struck, yet this is not accurate. Because guys can likewise be related to the word assault. Men also got raped by ladies but these incidents are not filed or answered to the police. They believed that if they will raise their voice, at that point they will be commented on as gay. Therefore, they don’t like to call or recognize gays by others. Around 3% of the absolute men populace have encountered assault by a lady in their life and from every 10 assaults on the planet 1 of them is being endeavored on a man. (Amherst, 2010).

Me Too Movement wrongly Utilized by Females against Men

“Me Too” is to bring issues to light of the inescapability of sexual maltreatment and ambush in the public arena. This development was begun to cause ladies to talk about something incorrectly tackled by them at work or other places. With the help of this ‘Me Too Movement, many women turned out with accounts of inappropriate behavior. They uncovered their supposed abusers by posting screen captures via web-based networking media of improper messages.

However, some of the females in order to make money utilize this me-too movement wrongly against popular and well-honored persons. Due to some females, the movement became a source of witticism from a thoughtful substance. For Instance; an on-screen character from India known as Rakhi Sawant was invited to a media conference and accused another entertainer named Tanushree Dutta, that she has assaulted her, 13 years back on account of some close-to-home issues with her. At that point, Tanushree Dutta recorded a criticism body of evidence against Rakhi Sawant for false claims.

Women are not Destined to Serve their Families

According to the public traditional myth, women are made by God to look after their children, husband, and other individuals in their families. This perception involved almost eighty percent of females in household labor across the globe. As the result, numerous nations remained undeveloped and failed to enhance their growth.

During the second world war, all UK males went into the war and left females running the business, at that time U.K country witnessed more growth in its economy than ever before. Due to the media’s impression of human life, ladies are viewed as household laborers. For instance; the ‘Weetabix’ Television show demonstrated girls are not intended to be heroes. Therefore, this is additionally one thing that is not enabling ladies to develop.

Gender Diversity Lifts the Performance

However, the efficiency of ladies as far as work can be helpful for every one of the organizations. We should not overlook that all domestic shopping is done by women, so they are considered important clients, and unawareness of this detail could have a bad impression on the business. Here, I would like to mention an example of Hindustan Unilever; an organization that enables provincial ladies to acquire HUI’s facilities and items for the customers. With this method, an organization is taking ladies equivalent to men by providing them openings in the marketplace.

Essentially, Nike company likewise felt that in the absence of assorted variety and equity of sexual orientations their business cannot be developed. Therefore, Nike has hired numerous female specialists alongside manpower. (Millennium Challenge Corporation, 2015).

An exploration says that an organization having an abnormal state of sex decent variety received 15 percent to 35 percent of cash-related return which is more than that of the national average. Moreover, the requirement of laborers can be satisfied effectively where ladies laborers can perform smart work and men can do diligent work. (Howard, 2018).

Now we can state that ladies are not meant to assist their families rather they have an identical capability as that of men in the workplace. Therefore, both men and ladies ought to be allotted a comparable spot in business and distribute them similar rights to accomplish the business, social, instructive, and practical objectives.

Females Part in Enhancing Gross Domestic Production

Women assume a vital job to build Gross Domestic Production. If ladies of any nation are working, then the GDP rate of that country is consequently expanded. Other than that, In Kenya for the most recent 2 years, women were working in cultivating areas, so following one year, one of the exploration groups of Kenya saw, that they received twenty percent extra benefit than different years in the agricultural division.

Besides, when the subsequent world war took place the ladies of England assumed a significant jib in England’s economy.

Additionally, In India, Deepika Padukone is one of the well-known Bollywood actresses, she was paid 5 crores more than his male co-actors. She played a primary role in the film and was a foremost actor in the motion picture. She created history in Bollywood because she was the principal female on-screen character who paid all the more than her two male entertainers. (Hindustan Times, 2019).

Moreover, by encouraging female leadership in Canada, the country can boost its economic growth by $150 billion by 2026, and these numbers could even upsurge if the barriers related to gender get abolished (Howard, 2018).

How to Support and Promote Gender Equality?

The majority of females are performing household chores and males indulge in business and other types of professions. To bring gender equity to each place we should begin with home, such as men should assist ladies in preparing food, bringing up kids, and also in-house dusting and washing. In the present scenario, females are participating actively in all fields and aspects like, education, business, politics, etc. Therefore, they should be awarded a similar pay rate as like men because an equal pay rate is an essential portion of sexual orientation. This could be achieved when associations will do alterations in their payment structure and start inspiring and encouraging ladies by giving them the same pay and openings in the work environment.

With regards to the working environment, more than half of the Americans accepted that females have supplementary tasks when contrasted with men. According to one survey, most of the women received their jobs during their initial interview only, whereas, it is different in men's case, they have to try several times to obtain a job. Sometimes, interviewees get attracted to opposite-sex interviewers and select them for the job, but this is an unfair act.

Besides this, there are several colleges and institutions which are just for young girls and some just for young boys however it's wrong since it makes separation. Therefore, Governments must build co-training schools just like universities so the two sexual orientations can learn together and know one another. Additionally, Child Marriage is also the chief cause of sex discrimination in Asian Nations, in Bangladesh city around fifty percent of girls are forced to marry in their adolescence age (between 15 to 18 years) and 25 % are matrimonial (18 to 22 years). (Leach, 2016).

Gender Equality Impact on Global Business

According to new investigations, Sexual orientation Equality can assume a huge job in the accomplishments of worldwide business. Sexual equity has always been a worry for organizations. The vast majority of the world organizations are male overwhelmed and it mirrors the hole among people. Late Studies demonstrate that associations that concentrated upon the sex balance occupy more noteworthy achievement rates when contrasted with others.

Sex uniformity gets adequacy in numerous perspectives, for example, increment in profitability, authority, ROI, and shopper fulfillment. Presently worldwide organizations have begun to comprehend the significance of sexual orientation equity in the working environment so they are adjusting the arrangements to cover the hole by giving the chances. (United Nations Global Compact, (n.d.).

According to surveys, it might take eighty years to achieve financial equity for men and it would add to the global economy by $28 trillion. Therefore, it demonstrates the significance of sexual orientation uniformity to worldwide business as well as the economy. And the organizations that possess a sexual orientation decent variety are 15 percent bound to have more prominent benefits than their rivals. Even the private areas have comprehended the significance of the gender equality concept, as the result, they have taken a few steps of inventiveness to involve gender variety as part of their procedures. These systems are improving a few benefits and performance. (Villa, 2016).

On the off chance that each nation accomplished sex equality then worldwide GDP could increment by $12 trillion by 2025.

Incremental 2025 worldwide GDP over occupational as normal situation, %

Incremental GDP, $ Trillion

  • India 16% 0.7
  • Latin America 14% 1.1
  • Sub- Saharan Africa 12% 0.3
  • China 12% 2.5
  • South Asia (Excl. India) 11% 0.1
  • The Middle East and North Africa 11% 0.6
  • North America and Oceania 11% 31.
  • World 11% 11.8
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia 9% 0.4
  • Western Europe 9% 2.1
  • East and Southeast Asia (Excl. China) 8% 0.9

(Woetzel, Ellingrud, Labaye, Kutcher, Bobbes, Manyika, Krishnan, 2015)


According to a World Bank report, around 2.7 billion women are still not allowed to perform jobs. As the vast majority of the social orders are male eccentric and, in such social orders, we have to esteem the equivalent space for ladies as no general public can be shaped without the presence of ladies. Consequently, certain laws and policies need to bring into force for gender equality so that ladies can enjoy equality in all parts of the globe.

According to John Danilovich Leveling the general secretary of the International Chamber of Commerce, the market field for ladies to get to worldwide markets isn't the best activity yet in addition to the shrewd activity for advancement, business, and financial development. (International Chamber of Commerce, 2017).

It is clear that in order to shape an idealistic culture and accomplish economic development we have to consider every one of the sex's equivalents. Nobody should be given the benefit of specific open doors based on sexual orientation. Everybody occupies a place within the human race, and due to this everybody has a similar right to adore all of the changes and rights while living in the general public. No sexual orientation can be better than the other. Last but not least, by providing equal opportunities and equal rights to all individuals everywhere, the nations, as well as the global business, can enhance their economic growth.

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