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Why Woman Choose Abortion

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Today there are many acts that bring us sadness and fill us with pain. As for example wars, violence, poverty, suicide, like many others but there is one, in particular, that is very sad because it involves a defenseless child, abortion. A long time ago the abortion was a non-legal act, in fact, there are countries that still do not allow it and is punished with jail for all those women who commit the act. Society advances and minds change. Today talking about having an abortion is something almost normal among women of these times. There is a common saying among women: 'we give birth, we decide' but, what factors lead women to consider abortion?

There are several factors by which women decide to have an abortion. First of all, economic problems. Many women when they find out they are pregnant believe that it is not the best time because of their economic situation, because maybe at that time they do not have a job, or because they have just started a new job, or are finishing their studies. Therefore, they think that it is not the best time to bring a child to the world. They feel afraid of not having the necessary conditions to raise a child. They are afraid of not being able to provide the child with their basic needs. Every mother wants and hopes to be able to supply her children with all their needs and tastes. Children require economic stability and in those cases, women feel unable to have it. The second reason social situations. At present, there are many prejudices and women face the majority of them. Within social problems, we can find the lack of support from the family.

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Many women feel lonely on that part, come from Catholic families where they have been raised with rules and customs, and where being pregnant is not an option. Or parents who have good jobs and must keep and keep an image, to the point that they practically force their daughters to have an abortion without thinking about the consequences that act entails. Also if they do not have the support of their partner, the father of the child. Many men when they find out that the woman is pregnant, abandon them, do not want commitment or responsibilities and a child carries both. Another reason is the abnormalities in pregnancy. When a woman is told that her baby has problems, it is as if her world is coming on, great sadness and despair invade her life. And the easiest way out is abortion. Many think that more children will come in the future, that they do not want to be the mother of a person who 'will not be normal', who does not want to bring a child in these conditions to the world to suffer. The last reason is the violations. 98% of raped women who become pregnant abort. They do not want to have anything to remind them of that painful and humiliating moment for which they had to go through. They want to erase any trace of that day. Many of them change jobs, homes and even state in order to start a new life. They do not feel the strength to love and care for that baby that is the result of rape.

To conclude it can be said that each woman is different and each one has a different situation. But before making any decision and carrying it out you must think about the consequences, in this case, you should think about the life that you have inside. In that baby that is not the fault of anything. He must be given the right to live. Many women after an abortion are repented all their lives, a feeling of guilt arrives. There are a few phrases from Mother Teresa that lead us to think and meditate: “Live brings infinite possibilities, Live offers no guarantees, but abortion offers no chance, Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, It a child, not a choice, We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected”.

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