How to Improve Globalization and Make It More Just: Essay

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“The problem that we have is not globalization. The problem is lack of global governance”. This is a quote from the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab. This pertains to globalization as a positive side. Although lack of governance is on the negative side, still the controversy is within the former positive. Nowadays, improving globalization, making it more justifiable, is interrogative. It makes sense among us how we can apply our insights and approaches to a positive notion since the subject matter is thoroughly placed on the negative side. There are various reasons why globalization is an issue so as various solutions on how we can move it into an optimistic one.

Globalization, according to Wiley and Sons (2015), “is one of the key concepts of our time. It is used by both the right and the left as the cornerstone of their analysis of the international economy and polity”. This means the term has both torments and pleasure since in order to thrive for the greater good does not necessarily define all commendatory policies that must intrude, sometimes counterfactual ideas are being infiltrated. Moreover, there is no policy, not even a single one, that is not flawed in implementation.

In politics, globalization is present. The Oxford University Press on Demand (1999) stated that globalization is not only exacerbating the gap between the world's rich and poor but also further dividing the states and people that have political power and influence from those without. Instead of unity, equity, and equality, there is huge discrimination between both sides. Those with higher and great positions are oppressing those that are in the lower and lowest range in the hierarchy. The truth is that when politics rule, globalization is not in a good state for all since politicians exercise an overwhelmed freedom of authority over minorities.

According to Baker and Stalley (2009), politics is one of the most influential texts in the history of political thought, and it raises issues that still confront anyone who wants to think seriously about the ways in which human societies are organized and governed. Politics, as the exercise of power, does not ineluctably mean the entire issues and problems are being solved, rather, an indirect plan is being upheld to maximize and balance what is to be engaged, so as what are the common distractions with regards to the political strategy. Since globalization is interconnected with politics, there is a difference between communist capitalism and democratic capitalism. In communist capitalism, even though there are billionaires inside its area, still the government holds its money, while in democratic capitalism, there is freedom among the capitalists to hold their money and make techniques on how to expand it while paying the exact amount of tax every month and year.

In the world economy where both free and fair trade is present, we cannot expect maximized and equal growth among all. There are reasons I have to state: (1) there are available raw materials inside the area, however, there are no pieces of equipment available to extract them as the new and processed items are marketable; (2) there are available types of machinery inside the area, however, there are no available raw materials to process; (3) some countries have more exports, rather than imports, making other countries' products not sellable; (4) some companies only prefer the traditional method of production, rather than the modern one, resulting to low production and low standards. These are visible in our economic status, nowadays. Unless we cannot mitigate an approach, these will remain stagnant complications.

Gupta (1997) stated although both developed and developing countries are actively participating in this saga of globalization, nearly ninety countries, as the United Nations Human Development Report 1996 indicates, are worse off economically than they were ten years ago, leading to 'global polarization' between have and have nots. These sites not colonies with democratic ideology are not improving. We cannot expect rapid growth among these countries since raw materials are available, but there is a lack of types of machinery inside the area (as I mentioned a while ago). On the other hand, growth is still there but cannot be seen on a large scale. Moreover, social equilibrium is a mere objective in democratic countries, a reason that engages the overwhelming and overpowering of freedom among all. The sad part is that being a developing country, it is prone to the negative impacts of neo-colonialism, causing a low market for local brands while promoting international ones. Notice we are more likely to prefer Korean skin cares, Hollywood movies, and Western songs. It is not bad to be one, on the one hand, ours is ours, so balance it with promotion.

When we look at the perspectives of globalization, its goal is for us to speed up our global connections in a proper manner. However, since we are humans and we tolerate our human nature at its worst, there is a shift in the term. We allow our natural attitude to act like we are at the center of the world with pride. It does not mean globalization is overwhelming and overpowering, rather, connecting and speeding. Nowadays, there are trashes coming from various countries, such as e-waste (electronic waste), industrial waste, and environmental pollution. It feels like we are not educated enough for human survival and want only selfish, non-universal needs. Although globalization is a broad term from economics down to politics, we can imitate its agreeable notion from its wide entirety. People must contain in themselves a mature mindset in delivering this to their society and as a whole. We must eradicate, or at least lessen, the ongoing systematic ignorance of the problems and issues we are facing right now. A good baseline is a positive mindset in alleviating the negative impacts of globalization (as to how people see it) through local interactions based on global ideas. I think we are what we have. So when we do inaccurate motions to our surroundings, they will reflect us, and it is our responsibility to save them from harm.

For instance, a simple job such as cleaning the environment lessens the waste spreading on the rivers and seas. We are the ones who make globalization, a reasonable effect. Using our natural curiosity merging critical thinking, we can impose an appropriate method to justify it. It is crucial for us to live in a world where citizens do abide by the laws and policies set by our government (even though there is no such thing as 'perfect leadership'). Moreover, since we are located in a democratic country, it is evident to help our government by praising publicly and criticizing privately. We do not have to be toxic people begging for applause for everybody; we need positivity circling around our atmosphere.

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The partnership of countries worldwide must be in the move of abiding by the policies of the United Nations to avoid conflict, eradicate poverty, and set laws according to the proper utilization of trade industries. International unions must provide a living space for every member's benefit while maintaining peace and order in their respective areas. Since neo-colonialism is at its peak, the organization must put into place the principle of positive ethnocentricity through cultures, traditions, and modern industries in promoting its own while sharing diversity.

As citizens from various countries, both developed and developing, it is our goal to maintain a flourishing economy where no one is left behind. However, this must be addressed to the authorities. That is why political activism is present until now, and this is because of imperfect leadership. It is normal to criticize the government since we are processing and validating their strategic outcomes for our people. If we do not criticize, we will be as stagnant as communists.

As Paschal Lamy stated, “Globalization is indirectly efficient but also far incredibly unjust”. When we tackle globalization's side as incredibly unjust, we portray the biases as to how it is being utilized by the people, especially the leaders. For instance, ironically, fair trade is not fair. What we have to apply is fair trade is just a noun. There is no such thing as fair trade being 'fair'. However, since some violations cannot be attained, lawmakers make laws abiding the lessening of these. An example is the prohibition of cockfighting. Lawmakers cannot eradicate that since it is unerasable, so they will pass a law regarding the lessening of cockfighting through guidelines on the requirements.

Another response to justifiable globalization is the adaptation of modern industries and merging those with cultures and traditions. For instance, nowadays, we have modern national costumes, textiles printed on the clothes, fashion shows on indigenous clothes, and presenting our national costumes on the world stage, for example in pageants. Moreover, the tourism industry is indeed a demand. Of course, a global system also discusses the display of the beauty of every location, welcoming foreign and local tourists, and benefitting the business owners, which will help improve their tourism industry and help those people in need.

Another elaboration is that we must win against corruption. Globalization, in its broad definition, also utilizes government. If the government is not distributing well the national budget, the economy may fall, on the other hand, if it disseminates well the national budget, occurs the other way around. As I mentioned a while ago, political activism is present because we want better governance. The late senator, Meriam Defensor Santiago, once said, “There are three qualifications to be the president of the country. Number one, 'Leadership Excellence', number two, 'Academic Excellence', and number three, 'Moral Excellence'”. Although the late Iron Lady of Asia only worked in our country, however, what she stated is factual to all the governments worldwide.

Cultural relativism is alive. It is the idea that all norms, beliefs, and values are dependent on their cultural context and should be treated as such. If we look at our neighboring Asian countries, we see similarities in our cultures. For instance, Asian hospitality. We cannot deny the fact Asians are hospitable. Thus, we do not have to be ethnocentric or xenocentric since we are culturally related. Being culturally related does not matter whether cultures are either equal or different since equality and similarity do not necessarily translate to real or imagined inferiority or superiority of cultures. When buying products, we do not need to ask where they originate (necessarily), instead, ask about their qualities.

Making globalization more justifiable is interrogative. It is a query that is both timely and relevant. As Anna Lindh stated, “Globalisation has made us more vulnerable. It creates a world without borders, and makes us painfully aware of the limitations of our instruments and of politics, to meet its challenges”. To be honest, globalization itself is not the cause of our division, it is our desire and pride. It is the speed of our global connection, and we cannot stop its growth. Former United States President, Barack Obama stated, “Globalization is a fact, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation. And we're not going to be able to build a wall around that”. What we can do is place it on the right path to create unity and peace. Furthermore, we must lessen our disagreeable work.

Although it may seem to be alarming, remember to take one step at a time. It is a hoax if we can change the process within an ample of time. Think about a building: it was built for years with a good foundation so that whenever untoward incidents occur, it will remain standing for future generations. If we follow the foundation of the building for more justifiable globalization, we must increase our patience and do whatever it takes to make it strong and compact. Those negative aspects of globalization will be our key to building a reasonable outlook on it. Without the emergence of those negative ones, will not result in a more defined and elaborated infrastructure where all are not able to meet their basic needs, every day. Before ending this essay, I just want to say... We would not be what we are today without societal interaction. So if you are doing right, people will treat you well; if not, the opposite will happen. Just as doing right to make globalization more reasonable.

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