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Emotional Intelligence, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, and Globalization

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Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others (Emotional Intelligence, n.d.). I will analyze the four key elements and how they apply to me in my career. Victor Vroom had an expectancy theory that emphasized on two things that motivated people. I will use this theory in order to explain my level of effort in my management class. I will finish up my discussion by showing the impact that globalization has on companies.

The four key elements of emotional intelligence are self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management (Kinicki & Williams, 2018). Self-awareness involves gauging my own moods and understand how others are acting towards them. Self-management involves controlling my emotions and not letting it affect my work environment. These two are the ones that I need to work on the most. Due to a very busy work schedule and home life they can sometimes be very hard to control. If I come to work being negative or showing frustration, then my group can feed off that and not have the motivation that they need to achieve their daily goals. Social awareness allows me to show empathy towards my employees and show them I care. Relationship management is me communicating clearly and building strong bonds with my group. Conflicts will be easier to disarm due to the trustful relationship that I have created within my group. The last two elements are strong skills of mine. I enjoy bonding with my group and creating a professional friendship. By doing this, it makes one on one discussions easier and more relaxed.

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Vroom’s Expectancy Theory states that individuals are going to select their behaviors based on the outcomes that they expect as a result of those behaviors (Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, n.d.). This theory consists of valence, instrumentality, and expectancy. By setting my time aside each evening for my coursework, I have an expectation of making good grades and gaining good knowledge. My grades in this class reflects on how much I want this degree. Every time I get a good grade, it gives me even more motivation to keep staying up late at night and giving it 100%.

Globalization has impacted companies greatly and forced changes to policies and training. Companies need to evolve with the diverse workforce that exist in today’s world. The company I work for continues to open plants all around the world. I face challenges almost every day due to language barriers and different cultures. I’m very impressed in how the company has handled this change. By creating required classes, they have given me a better understanding and prepared me for a Globalized workforce. Companies can use classes like this to always keep employees trained and informed on working in a diverse work environment.

As companies continue to grow globally and create more diverse work groups, they need to adapt and have the emotional intelligence that it takes to manage and understand their surroundings. By applying Vroom’s expectancy theory and understanding employees’ efforts and what they expect, a manager can be successful in today’s workforce. It all comes down to a manager being able to connect with their employees no matter what culture or generation whether it’s a small company or global.


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