Emotional Intelligence: Definition And Its Characteristics

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. EQ Definition and its characteristics
  3. The history behind the rise of EQ
  4. Why is EQ so relevant in the 21st-century workplace?
  5. Reflecting on EQ concepts and rating it
  6. My EQ strengths and weakness with evidence and how to improve these areas
  7. References


There are number of different types of intelligences which play an important role in one’s life and “Emotional Intelligence” or “Emotional quotient” is one these types of intelligences. In this paper I am going to write about the word “Emotional Intelligence”, its characteristics, history and how it became relevant in the twenty first century. I will also highlight my emotional strengths and weaknesses.

EQ Definition and its characteristics

EQ is the capability to identify and supervise your personal emotions and the emotions of others. It is a unique form of smartness that allows people to be successful both in their personal endeavors and in their professional lives around the workplaces. It is characterized by motivation, empathy, self-regulation, social skills, and self-awareness. The self-awareness is where an individual knows his emotions and the emotions of others and does not allow the emotions to rule him. They understand their emotional strengths and weakness, and they work on them to perform best (Matthews & Roberts, 2014). The characteristics of self-regulation are when a person controls impulses and emotions and cannot allows themselves to be jealous or angry and do not make decisions clearly; they think first before acting. Motivation is an aspect of a person with EQ and they defer immediate results for long term success, they love challenges (Matthews & Roberts, 2014). Moreover, they have empathy and understand the needs of people around them and deal with honesty. Finally, social skills are when people with EQ are team players and help others achieve success by managing disputes, building communication and mastering relationships(Lama, 2017).

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The history behind the rise of EQ

The term ‘Emotional intelligence’ was coined by Mayer John and Salovey Peter in 1990, but the term first appeared in a 1964 paper by Michael Beldoch. Daniel Goleman became alert of and Mayer and Salovey’s work and wrote the first book acknowledging that it was not cognitive intelligence that guaranteed business success but emotional intelligence (Lama, 2017).

Why is EQ so relevant in the 21st-century workplace?

EQ is significant in the modern workplace because it allows employees to relate better with one another and hence, improve business productivity (Lama, 2017). It is a different way of being smart, and it is essential in building a balanced life and allows employees to manage conflicts, relate well and maintain mental wellbeing.

Reflecting on EQ concepts and rating it

My philosophy of nursing is to provide competent care to patients as if I were caring for my own family. I became a nurse because I wanted to care for patients, however, working as a novice nurse in an Emergency Department of a busy trauma center, sometimes caring is not found, and I occasionally find myself reacting instead of responding. Once reading articles related to EQ, I knew my ways could and should be altered to provide the best care for my patients. By utilizing the essential characteristics as depicted above, the EQ factor can be applied to my patients in the ED to achieve the best care possible (Hansenne, 2014). I have changed my ways of relating to patients since I read articles relating to EQ and I give it a five-star rating.

My EQ strengths and weakness with evidence and how to improve these areas

My strength is showing empathy which includes understanding others' feelings and thoughts helping me to connect with others. I do not label or judge easily but I try my best to understand, and it is helping me to build more profound and more connected relationships. My weakness is not being able to think of quick solutions in a tense environment like an emergency department in the hospital setting. Instead, I find myself reacting and not responding. To solve the challenge, I have to pause, strive to control thoughts and think critically before acting (Hansenne, 2014).


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