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Introduction The economic problems have taken a global dimension after the globalization. It has also increased the supply chain of products across the borders. Cross-border transaction of black money and money laundering are serious economic crimes, and it causes substantial impacts on the economic development of the world. The Illicit trade is the fountainhead of these problems, and estimated total cost of illicit trade is $ 1.77 Trillion in 2015 which is about 10 percent of global trade in merchandise...
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Introduction The case presented depicts a money laundering case. Money laundering is the illicit practice of covering up the source of illegally acquired money bytransferring it through a complex sequence of banking transactions or business dealings. In an ambiguous and indirect way, the general scheme of this method returns the 'clean' cash to the launderer. Former Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch manager Maia Santos- Deguito is found guilty by the Makati Regional Trial Court on January 10 for money...
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INTRODUCTION The case talked about the money laundering case of Maia Santos-Deguito a former Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) branch manager and her appeal to her sentence of a maximum of seven years in prison with a fine of $109.5 million. Deguito was accused of laundering money over the 2016 Bangladesh bank heist (Buan, 2019). The appeal stated that the court gave the wrong penalty because of the misinterpretation of what constitutes money laundering under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. ISSUES...
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ABSTRACT Money laundering is a crime of many approaches, and a host of different laws, as countries do not always have consistent approaches. Combating money laundering, therefore, requires consideration of issues of national and international jurisdiction. The countries world-wide face the greatest challenge of protecting their economy from the menace of money laundering as it seriously affects the economic growth and has the potential to upset the programmes of the economic planners. Banks are used as an important channel by...
6 Pages 2576 Words
Abstract The huge amount of Bank operations performed daily and extremely hard for Financial Institutions to spot malicious Money Laundering related operations. This really impact and generates the fear while performing financial activity. There are already some predefined heuristics are performed by Financial Institutions but still manual intervention required to identify the malicious activity. This motive the needs for intelligent system (Anti Money Laundering) to learned and help Financial Institutions to fight money laundering in a diversity way such as...
2 Pages 839 Words
Introduction “Money is the fruit of evil, as often the root of it”, a famous quote by novelist Henry Fielding (“Henry Fielding Quotes,” n.d., par 1). This quote quantifies what this presentation will be about today: money laundering. Money laundering is the process of taking the income from criminal activities and making them appear legitimate. This is also known as making dirty money appear clean. A simple comparison I will be comparing a money launder and a magician: a money...
2 Pages 1117 Words
White-Collar Crimes are nonviolent crimes that are committed by businessmen and government professionals who commit a criminal act for financial gain, but there is one white-collar crime that would be considered the most dangerous form. Money laundering is the most dangerous form of White-Collar crime there is. When it comes to what would be considered the most dangerous white-collar crimes money laundering would be on top. Money laundering is quite common amongst businessmen, it can have an impact on businesses...
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One man about escaped from one of the biggest bank schemes in the world totaling a cash amount of $13.375 billion dollars (SIPA). The name, Bernie Madoff, was one of the most talked about person during 2008 to 2009. He was arrested in late 2008 just on, “a criminal complaint alleging one count of securities fraud” (The United States Department of Justice). Although this at first seemed like it would be tax evasion or stealing a sum of money from...
6 Pages 2607 Words
Would anyone assume that a young man who grew up from humble beginnings in a small Jewish middle-class family be responsible for the largest Ponzi schemes in American history? A young Hofstra graduate with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and hopes and aspirations to work on Wall Street. Bernie Lawrence Madoff was born on April 29, 1938, in Queens, New York. Madoff’s Family originated from Poland and was heavily affiliated with the Jewish religion and community. Madoff was never...
3 Pages 1502 Words
As the popular saying goes, if something is too good to be true then it probably is. This perfectly sums up the life and career of Bernie Madoff. At a point, he was one of the most sought-after investment managers in America. The cookie however crumbled in 2008 when it was discovered that he had no genuine investment plan but rather an elaborate Ponzi scheme. It left thousands of his clients devastated with the loss estimated at a whopping $65...
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