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The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Work Efficiency

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”When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.” A leader’s ability to manage own emotions and that of their followers during communication plays a crucial role in defining how successful a leader is. Emotional intelligence is required in each structure and dimension of human interaction in business, be it motivating the staff, or giving service to clients, or having any brainstorming season to take any decision (Cherry et al., 2013). Emotional intelligence is the ability to comprehend the emotional state of oneself as well as other people and the ability to investigate these emotional feelings as well as their impact. In a working environment, an Emotional intelligence individual can have control of his sentiments and channel them towards his objectives. Emotional intelligence can comprehend the emotional condition of others and can act in like manner (Mathew & Gupta, 2015). This enhances the relationship between colleagues and also maintains harmony in the workplace. An emotional intelligence manager can comprehend his subordinates well and team performance would progress. Thus, it is essential that a leader identifies the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership (Antonakis et al., 2009). This paper aims at examining the critical roles that emotional intelligence plays in leadership and leadership communication in the workplace.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Successful utilization of emotional intelligence can enormously decrease the tension and stress within the working environment condition. This should be possible through numerous available practical techniques to impact change. Empowering support as well as appreciative feedback towards colleagues is a better begin to ensure morale and also confidence among staff individuals (Krishnakumar et al., 2016). It enables employees to interact straightforwardly and strengthens a supportive and cohesive environment to flourish in. Positive relationships go far to lightening the pressures of work and negative emotions. This sort of working environment setting cultivates individuals to freely express their stress and emotions with no fear of embarrassment (Antonakis et al., 2009). This surrounding assists with practical help, colleagues helping resolve issues together or notwithstanding sharing the workload at hand to one another and fostering a shared trait. With regards to building better relations to help manage conflict and stress, employees can be encouraged to reflect upon their behaviors first, and after that set up where they remain in having an impact in either helping or harming the work environment pressures. Workers can identify whether they promote or harm the group cohesion to have an improved desired outcome. This practice teaches employees the significance of their role they play and furthermore identify how critical it is to have an awareness of their emotions and actions in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence enables leaders to listen to what their followers say without being judgmental (Cherry et al., 2013). Leaders with emotional intelligence have a great ability to gauge their follower's response to their words or actions (Chen & Guo, 2018). This critical skill enables them to understand whether the employees really understood the intended message and thus enabling them to refine the message accordingly through developing an effective communication strategy that ensures effective communication with all the employees. Leadership is likewise about having better communication skills to convey thoughts to stakeholders and furthermore to propel colleagues. High emotional intelligence levels have been appeared to help enhance the communication skills of people, as it helps them listen to criticism from others and furthermore monitor their emotions. Subsequently, emotional intelligence is significance from managerial communication as well as leadership perspective.

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Having enthusiastic knowledge empowers pioneers to fathom the impacts of their inclination when managing workers (Panait, 2017). This character is critical in empowering pioneers to settle on fundamental choices in a circumstance where pride and confidence are in question. All pioneers experience minutes where their feelings will in general impact their choices (Antonakis et al., 2009). Along these lines having passionate insight empowers pioneers to perceive minutes where their sentiments impact their choices consequently empowering them to make act quick to forestall potential unfriendly effects related with this.

Enthusiastic insight empowers representatives to utilize accommodating funniness in their initiative. It is difficult to think little of the estimation of diversion in boosting representatives' assurance just as making them feel that you are a piece of them (Serrat, 2017). While insight is fundamental, enthusiastic knowledge is urgent to measure what individuals discover amusing and along these lines empowering pioneers to pick circumstances where funniness will be proper (Maamari and Majdalani, 2017). Furthermore, it will empower pioneers to strike an appropriate harmony among good cheer and genuine work. Laborers with higher passionate insight can have better capacities towards adjusting to work environment changes (Antonakis et al., 2009). In the globalization period, it is critical to have laborers who are adaptable and can adjust to changes.


Hence developing the capacity to oversee sentiments is pivotal in initiative correspondence. It empowers pioneers to put themselves in the circumstance of their adherents consequently empowering them to pick the best strategy to take care of issues and accomplish authoritative objectives. It is therefore basic that all chiefs endeavor to develop passionate insight and fuse it into their initiative to guarantee effective administration of representatives. A champion among the most fundamental things where passionate insight helps is in structure connections by dealing with any type of contention (Panait, 2017). At the point when individuals associate with people's feelings and take a gander at things with their perspective close by sympathy, things get significantly more straightforward in settling clashes or even the likelihood of staying away from them before they start. This certainly adds to building associations with that person. People have a superior idea at the exchange organize with having the capacity to fathom the wants and needs of different people.

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