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Celebrities in Development: The Implications of Bono’s Foreign Aid

Introduction The notion of celebrity politics, which pertains to both the individual’s involvement in international development and national politics, gained popularity in the 1960s (West 2012). Various celebrities have decided to include themselves in this form of development practice, for both humanitarian and political reasons (West 2012). Less than half a century later, mass attention was drawn towards Africa’s struggle with Aids, debt, and trade that is inhibiting their development. The continent has multiple United Nations offices stationed in various...
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Essay about the United Nations at the End of the 20th Century

The United Nations came into existence as a result of the worst war known to man, World War II. Around 85 million people died during the course of World War II. That is nearly 3% of the 1940 world population. The creation of the United Nations was an American-led effort to replace the failed League of Nations. Even the name, ‘United Nations’, was first suggested by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister,...
4 Pages 1840 Words

North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Analysis from the Point of View of International Relations

To understand the nuclear crisis of North Korea, it is important that we categorize it into 3 parts: strategic interests, political factors and future hurdles. Strategic Interests Strategic interests observed by North Korea – we have both realistic and liberalist observers. In realistic terms the need for nuclear weapons is for its regime survival and security, besides to have a military influence at both regional and global levels. This means that the regime opposes denuclearization and wants the world to...
2 Pages 897 Words

Analysis of Relations between Italy and the USA

The lands of Americas, in the Renaissance period, also rode the momentum to ‘modern’ world, had diverse natives and societies which made the cultures and languages flourish much like the countries in Europe. The complexities of this diversity made it harder for the British regime stake claim starting from the east coast of modern United States. In the ‘modern world’ arc of American history, the sparks of war and revolutions ignited in the 1700s, when the American Revolution or the...
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Essay on Foreign Policy of Nigeria

The understanding of Nigerian foreign policy cannot be achieved through the application of one and only theoretical perspective. As a matter of fact, its formulation depends on multiple factors and it is influenced both by the international and the state level. Consequently, it is appropriate to distinguish selected elements and compare how different IR theories understand them. In this paper, there will be a critical juxtaposition between the liberal and neoclassical realist understandings of the active engagement of Nigeria in...
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Positive Interconnection between International Trade and International Relations: Example of India and Pakistan

Does trade reduce conflict, or conflict reduce trade, or both, and why? It is an open secret that in the 21st century sometimes impossible to avoid war. Where every country is against the war, violence and vehemence, trade comes for help. In international relations, it is worth to mention to establish peace everywhere, because of the consequences of the war are always victims suffers the pain of bereavement. As a spineless and constructive tool, it creates the peace, stability, and...
1 Page 399 Words

Pros and Cons of Foreign Aid

Abstract Purpose: This paper seeks to examine the impact of foreign aid on poverty reduction in developing countries. It reviews the positive and negative impacts of aid in lessening poverty in evolving countries and the critical success factors that could serve as a blueprint for developing nations to adopt. Methodology: The paper employs a critical review of extant scholarship, where empirical evidence on the positive and negative effects of foreign aid carried out from various countries was provided to support...
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Pros and Cons of European Union

‘A federated Europe is essential to the security and peace of the free world.’ Jean Monnet, a French political economist and a founding member of the European Union reiterated in his quote, the need for European countries to set aside their differences and envision a unified Europe. The world wars had wounded Europe and it was time for it to heal. The only way Europe would rebuild itself would be through integration of European countries into a superstate. Essentially it...
7 Pages 3216 Words

Origins of the European Union and the Goals Established at Its Creation: Analytical Essay

Try to imagine what historians will recall about the European Union in 100 years regarding its future – does it still exist? Were all the common goals achieved? Did a war ever threaten the safety of the member states? The first goal ever set by EU was to achieve peace among its member states after the second world war, which coincides with the hopes of its founders when it was established in 1993. Since that time, all member states have...
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Foreign Policy of Vladimir Putin and New Russia: Analytical Essay

Abstract The year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of a formal declaration of friendship and partnership between Russia and Kazakhstan. In this context, this paper analyses the relations between the two largest states in the former USSR, Russia and Kazakhstan during the years from 1991 to present with an emphasis on Russian Foreign policy and interests. The focus is on relations as seen in the huge intensity of bilateral meetings and agreements in the Putin era. The paper also provides...
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Foreign Aid and Development: Analytical Essay

Introduction and Thesis – All human beings require a set of resources such as food, shelter and clothing and it is necessary that any political leader takes care of that so to fulfill that we need other countries to help which directly leads to foreign aid which means assistance from rich, industrialized to poor developing countries (Copley, wood &Ehrhardt 2006).As we have discussed in class that foreign aid has brought both pros and cons to the recipient countries. However, this...
3 Pages 1258 Words

European Union Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Advantages or Disadvantages The Freedom of Movement and the Schengen Agreement: According to Article 21 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (former Article 18 of the Treaty establishing the European Community), all Union citizens are entitled to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States. (Ristea, 2011) The freedom of movement has been accelerated by the Schengen Agreement, the gradual phasing-out of internal borders under the Schengen agreements was followed by the adoption...
3 Pages 1418 Words

Disadvantages of Foreign Aid

Modernization theories discovered that the only thing that was lacking in developing countries was capital, it was suggested that if private foreign investment in the third world these countries would be able to spend on capital goods such as infrastructure. Industries being established would provide employment for people, which lead to higher rates of capital formation and further economic growth. In community development aid is needed for it to fulfill the purpose, so I will discuss the effect that foreign...
2 Pages 1086 Words

Analytical Essay on Foreign Aid: Types and Influences

Foreign aid is any kind of cooperation that one country voluntarily transfers to another, which can take the shape of gift, furnish or loan. Countries may furnish useful resource thru capital, food, supplies, and services such as humanitarian resource and army assistance. Developed nations may additionally grant developing international locations with foreign useful resource after a natural disaster, instances of conflict, or during an financial crisis. Despite present arguments for and against the have an impact on of foreign aid,...
4 Pages 1964 Words

Analytical Essay on European Union: Critical Evaluation of the Role of Article 7 TEU

1.0 Introduction The European Union is guided by a number of provisions that are based on diverse values that are embraced by this union. These provisions are generally categorized into seven articles. One of the most significant provisions that guide the relationships of the member states of the European Union is associated with Article 2. Article 2 provides that the European Union is founded on the critical values of respect for freedom, democracy and dignity of persons, as well as...
7 Pages 3241 Words

Essay on the Legal Idea of European Union (EU) Citizenship

The legal idea of EU citizenship was first systematized in the Maastricht Treaty. In spite of the fact that the idea was not significantly shifted in the Lisbon Treaty, Articles 20-25 TFEU made new political and electoral rights, and above all, they fortified the current privileges of movement and residence officially ensured under the umbrella of EU citizenship by associating them to the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality. Before Maastricht, the early idea of EU citizenship was held...
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Trump Administration's Withdrawal from the United Nations: Reasons and Implications for International Law

The between relationship the United States and the United Nations has been bittersweet since the appointment of President Donald Trump into office. This essay is will advocate against the Trump administration withdrawal from the UN several bodies, specifically: the Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization by discussing the reasons and implications of such decision. Firstly, it will begin by defining key terms, secondly delve into the reasons why the Trump administration withdrew from the UN. Thirdly, his essay...
5 Pages 2085 Words

Analytical Thinking of University Students against Conspiracy Beliefs

Conspiracy theories have been around for decades there will always be people who will believe in conspiracy ideation examples: assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11 terrorist attacks or government cover-ups of alien visitation. Aaronovitch (2009) describes conspiracy belief as “the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy when other explanations are more probable”. Does this mean that there is something wrong with believing in conspiracy theories? Believing in conspiracy theories from what has been researched and studied has negative social, health and civic...
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Are the Current Tensions Between Russia, the EU and NATO a New 'Cold War'? An Essay

The Cold War was a period of extreme tension between the US and the USSR. The presence of a bipolar system, competing ideologies, and the threat of nuclear war, coupled with the global impact it had, were definitive features of the Cold War. However, today tensions between Russia, the EU and NATO are very different; Russia is no longer a superpower, there is no serious ideological competition, and they have not come close to the threat of nuclear war seen...
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Some Countries Have Become Too Powerful and Exploit Weaker Countries: An Essay

The phenomenon of trading with and aiding foreign countries has been around for centuries. Trade is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services, and aid as a source of help or assistance. As of 2019, it can be seen that the countries that trade and provide the most aid are amongst some of the countries with high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, and Human Development Indexes (HDI). These include the US (with a trade value of $2.5...
4 Pages 1769 Words

Essay on the Effects of the Iranian Hostage Crisis

On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students seized the US embassy in Tehran, Iran and detained more than 60 people. This action constituted a diplomatic standoff between Iran and the United States. The detainees were held hostage for 444 days by the Muslim student followers who are believed to have followers of the Imam’s line that supported the Iranian revolution. The immediate cause of the crisis was an incomprehension and entanglement of vengeance that a section of the...
1 Page 619 Words

US-Russia Relations and the Role of Ukraine in Them

Why Tramp indicates Russia as a main direct in National Defense Strategy 2018 after obvious flirting with Putin during the first years of administration? And what role does Ukraine play in American foreign policy toward Russia? Why does US spend on defense of peripheral country? In interview for ‘Lateline’ Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Vali Nasr, called US a country that is diminishing its influence. This conclusion was based on Barack Obama’s speech about main...
4 Pages 1824 Words

Reflections on Whether US Military Intervention Is Justified to Remove Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in Latin America and one of the leading exporters of oil. Today, Venezuela has the highest inflation rate worldwide and is suffering from political dysphoria. To fully understand the present situation, one must begin with Hugo Chávez’s presidency. Chávez reduced economic inequality and funded many social programs by taking advantage of the surge of oil prices in 2014. He used the economic boom to spend billions in favor of the poor, the demographic keeping...
2 Pages 1072 Words

The Issue of EU’s Monitoring Mission in Georgia

On 1st of October 2018, ten years had passed since the deployment of European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia. For over a decade the EUMM has contributed to enhanced security and stability, conducting over 65,000 patrols on the ground. Over 1,700 EU nationals have served in the Mission over the years (statistics taken from EEAS’s homepage). That staff have come from all 28 EU Member States and this can be said to be the strongest evidence referring to them...
3 Pages 1347 Words

Changing Dynamics of Relations Between the US and Its Allies in the World Order: The Case of the US and Turkey

There has ever been changes in the world order in the sense that either a country whose economic, social and political spheres are much more advanced that they have a lot more say in the global environment than other less advanced countries. Or it could be that after winning in the battle field the winners come together and work on how the new world order should be shaped (usually done through international organizations like the United Nations or formally known...
5 Pages 2284 Words

To What Extent Has Britain Lost Its Status as a Global Power During the 20th Century Until Today?

The Suez Crisis is another chapter in British history that showcases the themes of imperialism, power struggle and the effects it had on British status as a global power at the disinclination of accepting a new post imperial era. The Suez Crisis of 1956 involved the nationalization of the Suez Canal company by the Egyptian dictator Gamal Nasser in which the British government had a significant portion of shares within the company. This led to an Anglo/French collusion with Israel...
2 Pages 1087 Words

The United States and Russia: A Complicated Relationship

The relationship between the United States and Russia has always been curious, they were never really allies, as the USA and Great Britain or France, but they were never enemies before the Cold War; what transpired throughout the history? First, we must understand what was happening during the Second World War, with their communist ideology, the Soviet Union had their concerns with the increasing power of the West or the capitalism. They felt threatened. And the opposing giant of America...
3 Pages 1218 Words

Jihad Terrorism and Contestation of World Order

The influence of non-state actors on global politics is growing, especially in the era of globalization. Throughout the history of international relations, terrorism has not posed a significant threat to states. Before the end of the Cold War, the main threat for the state was caused by the same actors, states. The major achievement of the Westphalian international order was the state, as a main player in the system, based on the principles of sovereignty, equality and non-interference in internal...
2 Pages 1080 Words

An Essay on US-Iranian Relations in the Context of the Iranian Nuclear Program

The protesters seized the placards with the phrase ‘No war to Iran’, and condemned US President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate Iranian Top Commander Qassem Soleimani, considered the 2nd highest leader in Iran. The nuclear program of Iran is one of the most engaging issues in the Middle East today. The US and its allies accuse Iran of building nuclear weapons, but Iran’s stance is firm that the only reason why they are developing a nuclear program is to harness...
3 Pages 1278 Words

Russia’s Involvement in the War in Syria

The Syrian conflict has been going on for almost a decade now and it has not become less complex. There are many actors involved, both national and international ones. All those actors have their own interests and hidden agendas that clash. These interests and hidden agenda can help to explain certain behavior of actors. This can be an important part of both academic and foreign policy debates. One of the major actors in Syria is the Russian Federation. Following a...
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