Shackled by Liberalism: Reflection on the Impact of Black Lives Matter Have on Society

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It was a bright day in June, and the clocks were striking thirteen. The Ministry of Truth had spoken, and all things that did not kneel before The Party, or fit with the ‘new truth’, were to be discarded. Statues of historical importance, books, and monuments to The Glorious Dead; nothing was safe if they no longer met the ideals approved by the new Thinkpol, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the militant and thuggish arm of the ‘liberal left’.

What had caused this anti-utopian madness on the streets of the most culturally diverse city in Great Britain? Economic collapse? No. War? No. The death of a thug, who by happenchance had black skin, by a corrupt police officer who by chance, had white skin; in a city 4,009 miles away? Yes!

Since George Floyd was ‘killed’ by Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, USA, the Western world has seen an explosion of activism in a bid to root out what organisations such as Black Lives Matter call, ‘systemic racism’ in societies around the globe. Woke, self-loathing, middle-class liberal elites in places like America and the United Kingdom, needed no excuse to jump on the next protest against their old foes, the West, and Capitalism. Yet they were handed this one on a gilt-edged platter. It was a dream come true for the cultural Marxists and anarchists of the West who feed off the misery of the others like starved vultures. They don’t care about the individuals, they care only for themselves and of promoting their agenda of hate against the West, its traditions, and its institutions. The tragic death of a man in police custody was their latest meal ticket and their largest one at that.

They did however back the wrong horse when choosing to canonize George Floyd. Floyd was no martyr for the cause and was certainly no saint. To hold him up as one is Newspeak. You can spin that however you wish because he was certainly not a decent man, not by any stretch of the imagination. Involved in criminality throughout his life, Floyd once held a pregnant woman at gunpoint. George Floyd was not the man movements like the Open Society Foundation funded BLM, would have you believe. As Goebbels said though, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. It was this tactic, plucked directly from the Nazi propaganda playbook, that BLM chose to follow. It was this choice by BLM, that has meant millions of us have watched on in horror as our tradition is trampled on, as statues of our most beloved citizens were defaced; watched with gut-wrenching heartbreak as monuments to our nation's war dead were desecrated, set alight and micturated on.

We should not pretend that protests which were organised in this country by Black Lives Matter are anything other than what they were, a cry for attention. Not the attention one would think though because Black Lives Matter is a compelling slogan and one that nobody can disagree with. BLM is more than just a slogan though, they’re an organisation. You just need to look at what they are attempting to raise funds for; education (so the infiltration of their ideas into that), but further than that, they are raising funds in an attempt to bring down capitalism. Bringing down capitalism has nothing to do with equality of race. What we have, is a left-wing movement that has bolted on to a divisive issue to further its own goals. What else do they do? They tear down statues, they try to rewrite history by applying pressure to remove books that they don’t like from shelves so people can’t read them. I suppose that is better than burning them, but maybe that’s next. We also see the rather guilt-tripped gesture of supplication of one's dignity by taking a knee to a greater cause. Ultimately all of this is a part of the greater cause of bringing down the Western system. A system that has been the most successful in history, having delivered the highest living standards in history to people of all colours and backgrounds. When we see BLM protests, we need to remember that they aren’t about equality or the fair treatment of races; it's about destroying our system, bringing down the Western world, and replacing it with Marxism. What you are witnessing is cultural Marxism in full effect, and we’re living through the moment. BLM is merely pretending to be oppressed, they are using the horrors of slavery for attention to further their own goals.

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What we are seeing through the hijacking of organisations such as BLM by liberals here in the UK and USA to further their agendas, is a widening divide in race relations. In using race and slavery as their go-to arguments liberals are doing the cause for racial equality more harm than good. By keeping blacks chained and shackled to the liberal plantation of dependency on government handouts, the liberal left is creating more resentment and hatred toward people of other skin tones. Keeping black people dependent on welfare and government assistance, liberals are helping to destroy black communities when we should be building them up. Dependence on government handouts has led to many in the black community feeling as though they have no hope; that they have no future. The liberal welfare state has helped to transform the black family, which for centuries had survived slavery and discrimination through subsidizing unwed pregnancy and changing welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life. This is particularly relevant to those in the USA. Policies such as the “Man In The House Rule” which encouraged fathers to be absent due to not being eligible for welfare payments were they at home, played a role in the breakdown of the black nuclear family whilst also reinforcing government dependency.

From liberals encouraging government welfare dependency, we have seen a lack of money entering black households, and by default, black communities. With little to no money other than government handouts, poverty has sharply increased in black neighbourhoods leading to an increased rate of crime. An increased rate in crime naturally brings with it an increased likelihood of police interaction, which in turn leads to more absent parents that are needed in communities to raise the future generations. With many absent fathers and poverty rife in black neighbourhoods, we have in certain areas seen a staggering increase in abortions. In an average year in New York, more black children are killed in abortion centres than are born. If BLM were truly interested in black lives, it is these issues that they would be campaigning to address. The fact that BLM is more interested in being in a state of perpetual victimhood than abolishing Extermination Centres of Black Children, tells us all where their priorities lie, and it isn’t with saving black lives.

That black people have been shackled to their past by those with an agenda, is heartbreaking.

That black people have not been allowed to move on from the wounds of yesteryear, is sickening.

That black communities have not been able to break free from their historical shackles to create a better future for themselves and their communities, is depressing.

That black communities have been kept chained to a doomsday-cult on the liberal plantation through left-wing paranoia, is the most egregious crime of our time.

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