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The Significance of American-African American Reconciliation for Modern American Society

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The Black Lives Matter movement is a devolved movement supporting for nonviolent civil misconduct in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against African American people. The Black Lives Matter movement first started on the 13th July 2013; the founders of this movement were Alicia Garza Opal Tometi Patrisse Cullors. For several of years Africans Americans have suffered cruelty and oppression by white americans. All over the globe, many people from different countries protest as one to eliminate racial conflict happening today in society. This issue is extremely significant due to the amount of racism shown within the modern society and shows how broken the American justice system is. The purpose of this movement is to advocate and protest against racial conflicts. How will reconciliation support people on this issue, and will it create equanimity and harmony among society?

Reconciliation is the process of two individuals or groups being friendly two each after they have seriously fought or argued. It’s based on forgiveness and confessing the sins we have committed; it also exposes the pain, hurtfulness and truth we’ve been holding onto. When forgiving each other is gives us a new beginnings, forms new relations and close the past to start new futures. Some benefits of reconciling are developing a vision of interrelation and fair society, acknowledging and moving on from the past, building positive and new relationships, assist significant and behavioural change and permitting substantial social, economic and political variations. Racial conflicts can usually occur anywhere at any time in the USA, examples are in higher rent areas, closer to central cities and in low vacancy areas. The social climate of the BLM is shown within individual and systematic racism. This shows that Africans Americas don’t get justice and doing the thing they try and get justice is by participating in the BLM. The economic climate of this place is that the Americans economy was built based on the misuse and vocational segregation of people of colour. In americans the 2016 net worth of a white American family would be $ 171,000 approx. and an African American family would be $17,150. The political climate of the US has grown more diverse over the past half century, the African American share of the population has increased only slightly, from around 11% in 1970 to 12.5% now, according to Frey’s calculations from census data (Brownstein, 2020).

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White americans are advantaged in this situation because of their upholding white supremacy. Africans americans are disadvantaged within this situation because they get accused for essentially no reason and they don’t have any privilege nor say within in society. The reason that this is still going on in society is because no one has done anything about this and it’s a repetitive issue that won’t stop. “The only way to change bias is to change culture,” Richeson said, “you have to change what is acceptable in society” (Wan & Kaplan, 2020). Furthermore, this quote that he said is another thing why our society has and might not change if we continue doing the same culture, if we can change our culture then we might also could eliminate racism. People that have committed any forms of racism conflicts should reconciled because it can abolish any hate and previous sins they committed. Also, there will be equanimity justice for those African Americans who have felt misery and pain. Furthermore, we all can be a better society. Some catholic social teachings apply to the BLM are life and dignity of the human person and rights and responsibility. These key catholic social teachings can be met if everyone obeyed by them and it would be a peaceful society.

One of the papal encyclical that pope john XXIII written was ‘Pacem in Terris’. He published it on the 11th April 1963. This ‘Pacem in Terris’ explains and informs people about the rights and obligation of people and proper relations between states. It was designed to highlight peace, human dignity and equality among all nations. Moreover, helps to promote harmonious resolutions of conflicts. The Black Lives Movement relates to ‘Pacem in Terris’ as people protest against police brutality and any racially motivated violence contra African America people. These both help to promote peace, equality and encourage human dignity. My first suggestion is reconciliation could be to take place by encouraging people to participate in national day of racial healing. If people participate in this day, then it can help us to repair damage and mend new relationships in the future. It can as well help to make a peace offering between white americans and African americans, additionally ending police brutality. My second suggestion would be to advance for a mental health intervention. Research has shown that its been neglected that many victim of police brutality have or had mental health issues. At least half of all police shooting victims have struggled with different forms of severe mental health issues. When saving lives, we should design more services to assist people sustaining theses issues, specifically in impecunious neighbours and African American communities. Both my proposals within reconciliation are effective due to the number of reasons. Firstly, people that have or may done a terrible doing can reconcile to make a fresh start. Secondly, if the two nations make peace between each other America can become a better and strong society in history. Lastly, by organising a mental health intervention could help individuals develop into a better self and mind set.

Reconciliation can be supported to people among this issue and can help to create a peaceful and harmonious society. The Black Lives Matter movement involves people to participate in a protest against police brutality and racism among the US nation. This is greatly important because in society racism is a very big issue that no one truly understand in society. Also showing that America doesn’t do anything about racial conflicts. Reconciliation is restoring friendly relationships between individuals that have serious fought, if many people knew this and started to apply this to their everyday lives, we can become a much better society. Imagine if your family member was shot by a police officer? How would you feel? Would you stand up for what is wrong or not do anything to get justice?

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