The Influence of the Media on the Perception of BLM's Demonstrations

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Blacks is a reflection of lawlessness and engagement in crime. The nexus between such a view and the reflection of the blacks as criminals is reflected in the following contexts.

Dukes and Gaither (2017) indicate that persons of color are often reflected in the media as criminals. The prevailing social stereotype is that blacks are inclined to crimes. Since such stereotypes are socially constructed, they need a system that perpetuates them. Dukes and Gaither (2017) reflect that a biased reflection of criminal cases is inclined towards reflecting blacks as criminals. Commercially, such stories often gain a great readership since they are perpetuating a debatable social value.

Leopold and Bell (2017) indicate that the media houses aim at making revenue through the news. Thus, reflecting instances of crime or negative elements of the BLM movements is a way of supporting such approaches. The analysis carried out after a six-month period supported the theme that blacks are inclined to crimes. The indirect approach is that the BLM movement ought to be portrayed within the same lens used to report all other aspects that are related to the black people. Inadvertently, therefore, the need to reflect the negatives or harmful elements within the BLM is a top priority of the media houses.

The “sensationalization” and politicization of the BLM movements, according to Umamaheswa (2020) is aimed at increasing publicity of the media stories. In other words, the media is not fair. It is not “about what happens,” but about “how is it reported” that matters. In other words, the nature of the reporting often trumps the content of the material reported. Arguably, the media reports about the use of force by the police, for instance, to curb instances such as the destruction of property by the protestors under the BLM movement. The context, therefore, focuses on elements that will attract the attention of the readers or the viewers.

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Pampeno and Leopold collected news articles over the years. They commonly found that the articles did not objectively report the events of the BLM movement. The typical reflection is that the deviation towards the portrayal of blacks as criminals was common. In other words, the media appeared to champion for a common agenda; showing the shortfall.

Contextual reflections are whether the instances of crime occur within the BLM protests. Oliver (2020) indicates that there are instances when the police are brutalized or killed during the BLM movements. The media often reports such contexts as part of the headline stories. Oliver (2020) does not, however, address the nature of the scope of the reporting adopted by the media houses. Though the BLM movement is already aware that it is negatively reflected by the media, there is a little reflection within the media to show that police often use violence as a means of engaging the protestors. In other words, there is a strategic approach aimed at portraying the blacks in bad repute.

In conclusion, the people of color have been latently subjected to discrimination and racism in the United States for long. The instances of police brutality highlight the sprung of the BLM movement. The media has played a critical role in popularizing the agenda of the movement. Platforms supported by the Internet, such as the media platforms, have aided the objective reflection of the BLM movement. The paradigmatic shift in reporting often fails to interrogate the issues raised by the protestors but focuses on events that might go wrong around the process of the protests. However, there is a deviation between the reflection of the BLM movement by the mainstream media and the social media platforms.

Conceptually, the media works as a profit-making enterprise. The need to make a profit is contextualized within the reporting of the BLM movement protests. Thus, it is common for the media to reflect the BLM protests as violent to support a socially constructed view that black people are predisposed to crime. The media supports the common agenda adopted by society, the conceptual view that associated the blacks with the crime. The approach is a common theme among the mainstream media, such as the broadcast and the print media. In some contexts, the BLM movement often receives more coverage when the conflict between the protestors and the police occurs. There is no underlying research to determine whether the police overstepped their mandate. The common theme is to paradigmatically report the contexts of the BLM to reflect the criminal nature of the protestors.

The media is biased in line with the prevailing social stereotypes. The media is at the center of propagating racial stereotypes against black people. The BLM suffers from the conceptual reflection of the black people as criminals. Since the context of the inclination to crime is socially constructed, it is socially commercial. The media’s paradigm reflection of the BLM movement satisfied the social and commercial elements of the stereotyped black people.

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