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Liberalism and Freedom of Speech

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First, let me introduce and explain to you the meaning of free speech. Free speech means independent thought, free thinking and delivering our opinion or thinking in front of people, parties or government without any fear. Where people have right to worshiping, writing and speaking their own ideas in all fields of life (Machan, 2010). The paper will argue that the liberal parties oppose the free speech right in the Constitution and have provided more rights of freedom for worshiping, writing and speaking or toward the gender inequality. Well, the government hasn’t shown any favoritism towards any particular religious creed.

Free speech has been used since I was born, it is the best right provided in the Constitution to express our feeling thought, ideas to the government without being under the pressure of anyone. The public media is the main source or medium by which the people's speech or voice is reached to the government (Kenyon, 2014).

From the point of view of West, speech in America today is less free than it used to be in early establishments of liberals in U.S. Now, people have free speech in restricted areas of access. It now limits speech by certain classes in political aspects of the country (West, 2004). Government now imposes a ban on people who spend huge chunks of money to publish their own thoughts in regard to any political leader. Government can become enemy of liberty, as it is responsible for securing liberty. If the government fails to protect liberty of people, it could be the result of most scholars writing on the topic of free speech (West, 2004).

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For more periods of time, the judges thought that the First Amendment was not suitable at the local and state level so on these there was many discussions and quotes that was being held but none of them in fair manner, they totally given their attention on giving the criminals the punishment rather than giving the priorities to the restrains (Seidmen, 2018, p. 2226). From the civil war timing to the World War I, there were great changes as all the member, jurisdiction they opposed the free to speech claim right, the decisions made by federal court and the state court was not followed or we can say was prohibited for that time (Seidmen, 2018, p. 2226). Same thing continued for the World War II, radicals were poorly fared or leaved but these changes were made only because the free to speech is needed to be protected from libertarian theory (Seidmen, 2018, p. 2227). The same thing happened in World War II, the court focused more on criminal conviction and shooting the peoples for their political agendas, everyone was afraid that the court has taken away their free speech law from them (Seidmen, 2018, p. 2227).

Moving further it is well written by A.J. Liebling that “freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” (Seidmen, 2018, p. 2232). The point supported free speech by Cooley and Sutherland point is not remembered by the conservative libertarian of our previous century peoples, 19 and 20th century peoples which they used to protect the properties right and their expensive through the right of speech (Ely, 2004, p. 178), but here they support the free speech. They gave equal respect and equal protection for both the free speech and their regard toward the private properties. They think that these both factors are both equally important to run the democratic sphere or run the government in smooth and perfect manner (Ely, 2004, p. 178).

In the conclusion, the liberalism, from the past time they have been opposing the free speech right in many prospective and we have a clear-cut idea that they are using their power and gaining the peoples sympathy by only saying that that they will support the people by they do not imply it. On the other hand, in my big point 3, I showed some evidences that support the people’s free speech as they pay their equal regard toward the private properties and toward the free speech. My thesis statement raises and explains the concept how they are linked (the liberalism and free speech right in the Constitution). This also show how different people have different point to their judgement. Some are in the favor and some are against it. So free to speech is not something that everyone is born with in some places this right is written in constitution but not implied for peoples good.

So, in my opinion, I would like to say that free speech is very important for everyone for the peoples and also for the government because I think, if the people would not be given the right to express their feeling and thought, what they think, what changes they want in the society, then they might become frustrated and in some even rebellion who stands against the government for their right. It is always best to listen to others view, there might be something that could be beneficial for everyone and now a days modern liberal parties are focusing on such issues to provide gender equality, providing peoples with their proper rights and working for the welfare of the country.

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