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Rousseau And Voltaire: The Humans As The Causes Of Evil

Evil is brought on by the hands of humans and their actions lead to consequences they deserve. In Voltaire’s Candide and Related Texts, Primo’s Survival in Auschwitz and The Book of Job, discussed how humans are the cause of evil, which led to many unexpected situations to happen. In this paper, I will analyze Rousseau’s responses to Voltaire, the social and nature causes of evil in the three texts. Rousseau’s responses to Voltaire’s theory of evil stated the principles of...
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The Idea Of Autonomy In Rousseau And Nietzsche

Rousseau and Nietzsche are both prominent figures of modern Western political philosophy, even though they lived over one hundred years apart from one another. In this essay I will try to compare and contrast the idea of autonomy in Rousseau’s and Nietzsche’s political theories through their discussion of the state of nature, general will, slave morality and the will to power. Ultimately, I will come to the conclusion that Rousseau and Nietzsche view autonomy very different in human society. Autonomy...
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The Effects Of Rousseau's Childhood On His Views On Sexuality

“‘I want to show my fellow-men a man in all the truth of nature; and this man is to be myself’” (Rousseau, p.5). In an attempt to reach his audience, Rousseau in Confessions did what most would not dare in an autobiography: reveal ‘everything’. Confessions does not follow the conventions of a traditional eighteenth-century autobiography. Rousseau’s self-portrait conveyed himself through raw emotions and distorted ways and actions rather than what society expected: a presentation of exemplary qualities. For a man...
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Life, Works, And Contributions Of Rousseau

Jean- Jacques Rousseau a Genevan philosopher of 18th century who influenced the Enlightenment era of Europe and French revolution. Was he a revolutionary philosopher or a man that just wanted to became well known and successful? In this paper, I will refute Rousseau’s argument against Natural State being ideal for humanity by showing that it is based on hypocrisy and deception. He deeply criticized modern, at that time, world and politics and in one of his notable works, “Discourse on...
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Historical Complexity Behind Writings Of Rousseau And Locke

Introduction Immanuel Kant answered the question of what is enlightenment. He said: ‘It is the departure of human from the stage of mental failure and reaching the age of maturity or age of majority.’ (2009). The Enlightenment was a broad political, social, cultural and philosophical movement that developed significantly in the 18th century in Europe. It originated in England but the real development was in France. The views of philosophers, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Charles de...
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How Did Rousseau Theory Influence Equality And Democracy Today?

Before start answering this question we need to know who was Jean Jacques Rousseau and the meaning of equality and democracy. Jean Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss philosopher known because of one of his works called general will, which is a theory collectively held will that aims at the common good or common interest, this theory supports Rousseau’s political thought that was a modern republican thought. Rousseau referred the general will as a way where everyone was going to have...
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States Of Human Nature: Pico De Mirandola, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau And John Locke

In this day and age, people are living one of the most depressing and demoralizing fragment of the 21st century. Because of this dark and difficult time, it’s crucial to understand why we are looking through the prism of pessimism and that’s exactly why this essay has place to be. Philosophers like Pico de Mirandola, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau were all studying humankind and its origins for years, but they had their own particular visions on this topic. In the...
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A Comparison Between Thomas Hobbes And Jean Jacques Rousseau

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries emergence of various works on political philosophy emerged, giving current political scholars a meaningful and rational foundation on politics and society. Various works have constructed a core knowledge and have influenced how we view the world around us today. Political philosophy seeks the application of ethical concepts in regards to the social sphere, and in turn, deals with the variety of forms of government and social existence that people could live in. In return,...
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The Effectiveness And Limitations Of Social Contracts In Rousseau's Works

My goal in this article is to examine whether the ideal political society proposed in Jean- Jacques Rousseau’s book successfully resolve the problems of three types of the dependence identified in his book. To examine the effectiveness and the limitations of Social Contract in regard to the problems of dependence, I will look closely into botH. On the one hand, I will start by identifying three types of dependences, addressing the origin, and defining the consequences in society. On the...
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Pros and Cons of Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory and Its Applicability to Modern Day Society

Introduction Over the centuries there have been many philosophers who have sought to explain how political systems are formed, how they work and which one is the best form of rule. This has brought about many different theories from philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. While some of these theories have been accepted, other theories have been heavily debated and opposed by academics around the world. One such theory is the social contract theory. Philosophers such as John Locke and...
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Analytical Essay on Social Contract Theory: Ideas of Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke

“We the people…” is a phrase from the United States Constitution that represents the embodiment of social contract principle born out of the Enlightenment age by Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke. Social Contract Theory has had massive influence in western governments, as one of the oldest theories pertaining to the ordnance of citizens in society. The basis of Social Contract theory is citizens sacrificing their individual rights for the greater good of society in return for protection and...
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How did Rousseau Influence American Government

Developmental Republicanism: Does It Have a Place in Policy Making of Today American Government Time is something of a nuisance when it comes to policy-making. In an ever-changing world where there are advancements in all aspects of life, are we still expected to use old laws, or do we passively follow the policies made by people who lived in completely different circumstances? It is a question that is worth asking given that if policies were openly changed, the validity of...
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Locke And Rousseau's Ideas On Society And Politics

John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau have very opposite ideals as to how society and politics could best be run. While Locke believes in the state of nature, Rousseau thinks that general will is best. I will explain the differences between Locke and Rousseau’s ideas and argue that both have valid and invalid points to make a society work. John Locke has an ideal that justice is in terms of the state of nature. In his writings he addresses that political...
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Rousseau on Liberalism

In a beer hall in Munich, a mesmerizing public speaker addressed the issues troubling the German people with a furious passion, calling for a new order to replace what he saw as an incompetent and inefficient liberal democratic regime run by an economic elite that was not translating the will of the people into action and had brought humiliation to a proud people. In the new Germany, all citizens would unselfishly serve the state or Volk; democracy would be abolished,...
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