Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism

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If there is no one in a position of power in the world how can that lead to total peace? By its definition, international anarchy refers to the world not having anyone in any position of power or not having any kind of authority or world government. This means that if the world would be in a state of anarchy, then no country and its citizens would have to follow any strict rules or laws and it would not have any rules. Many people started to question if the state of anarchy would actually be useful or if it would even work. This aspect of anarchy began to be questioned by people for the reason that since no one would be forced to follow any kind of rules or laws they wanted to know if this concept would ultimately lead to the total peace of the world and countries having a good relationship with each other. Even though it is not possible to overcome anarchy with realism it could instead be mitigated with the help of the other two of the three most important schools of thought which are liberalism and constructivism.

Realism is one of the most important out of all the schools of thought there is. Differently from the other two schools of thought, this school of thought proposes that the state is the most crucial factor and it is what realists focus on and care about protecting the most. This means that the main goal that realism has is to make sure that the survival of the state is put first before anything else at all times. Even though realism could be the best school of thought to help mitigate anarchy since it is so focused on the survival of the state it is not the correct school of thought in order to mitigate and overcome anarchy because realism states that anarchy cannot be overcome or mitigated. The difference between self-help and anarchy is that self-help is a theory that comes from the concept of anarchy and it believes that they should not have to depend on anyone or any other country to be able to achieve complete safety, they should only have to rely on themselves to get what they want and to achieve complete safety for themselves. On the other hand, anarchists believe in no authority or any kind of government. Even though these two have a very similar meaning and both do not want authority or do not depend on something or someone else they are not the same. Anarchy does not depend on someone to rule a government and self-help does not depend on someone to help them in their survival.

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The other two schools of thought that would be helpful in mitigating anarchy are liberalism and constructivism. Constructivism would be helpful in order to mitigate anarchy because this school of thought’s theory is that rules are constantly being implemented throughout time and that they have not always existed since the beginning of time. This means that constructivism would work in mitigating anarchy because since anarchy believes in having no rules in a world government then mitigating it would mean implementing rules and constructivism would do exactly that, which means that a world government with no rules would be over because constructivism would implement those rules. Liberalism is the other school of thought that would also be helpful in mitigating anarchy because this school of thought’s main priority is to focus on the government and the state. One of the differences that liberalism has from realism is that liberalism is not as violent when it comes to the survival of the state, also that liberalism also focuses on interdependence, and lastly, that liberalism does not state that anarchy cannot be overcome or mitigated.

Even though all three main schools of thought are crucial to the different types of governments the two schools of thought that would be the most helpful in order to mitigate anarchy would be liberalism and constructivism. Regardless of realism being one of the most dominant schools of thought, it is not the most capable in the case of having to mitigate or overcoming anarchy in the world even though this school of thought puts the state or government first in many aspects it is not capable of the reason that realism states that anarchy cannot be overcome or mitigate. This means that liberalism and constructivism would be the most capable in order to mitigate anarchy because liberalism cares about the survival of the state and constructivism believes in implying rules meaning that if the case of having to mitigate anarchy would be needed this would be the best option in order to do so because they both do the opposite of what anarchy wants to do. Liberalism cares about having a government and a position of power and constructivism cares about implementing rules and having people follow them.

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