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History The Central American country of Honduras has a long and varied history that dates back thousands of years. The Maya and Lenca peoples were only two of the ancient civilizations that lived in the area before the advent of the Europeans. These cultures created spectacular buildings, excellent agricultural techniques, beautiful artwork, and hieroglyphic writing. Christopher Columbus arrived at the Honduran coast during his fourth journey to the Americas in 1502. Soon after, Spain established a colony in Honduras, and...
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The article, ‘Honduras Strict Abortion Law: Women Judged No Matter the Verdict”, by Al Jazeera reporter, Anna-Cat Brigida, discusses the concern that an increasing number of women in Honduras are prosecuted for having abortions resulting in a lifetime of unfathomable trauma and criminalization. The article primarily focuses on a variety of individual women, who regardless of the circumstances, have been extorted for having abortions, also coined “death of a minor” (Brigida, 2019). As a young woman born and raised in...
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Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the world. Therefore, violence and many more hardships specifically poverty, refugees flee to seek safety and a better life. One of the main types of violence is fighting between gangs. Refugees are sent back to their country after an unsuccessful trip to another country. One of the main places refugees from Honduras flee is the US. As a result, refugees are fleeing Honduras and have nowhere to go that will keep...
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Cultures can be described as “societies that have commonly accepted laws, laws that are in some respects implicit. These are social norms and rules that are shared among the members of society” (‘Kinship: An Introduction’). Fundamentally, a culture follows a set of guidelines that is agreed amongst most of the members. In contrast, society provides the structure to organize and compromise those individuals that share the same beliefs and customs. Moreover, there are different societies that have different cultures; the...
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