Essay on Child Labour in Vietnam

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1.Identifying the ethical Problem

The problem here is that Vietnam has hired young children to manufacture Nike merchandise, which is an ethical predicament for Nike because they don’t tolerate any type of child labour.

2. Examining the facts (Do info)

In this stage we get to determine the type as well as the extents of the situation by gathering information that will help resolve the situation at hand.

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Contact and consult a group of stakeholders to help deal with the ethical issue at hand is the United Nations, UNICEF and Save the Children, youth organisations, churches, academic specialists, the Vietnam government (the children ombudsman or the national human rights commissions). businesses who advocate for children’s rights, caregivers as well as children who are strong activists of their peers. Their help is to create a process where an interaction will be formed so Nike can be assisted on how to handle children’s rights.

Individuals and groups that have a stake in this outcome is the families as well as their children of Vietnam as their rights are to be considered with by Nike and the mentioned stakeholders, whereas they encourage businesses to fight for the rights of children. 80% of weight is to be given to the interest of these children in terms of their certain needs, skills as well as their rights. While 20% is to be given to the businesses and stakeholders who show professional obligation to stand for the interests of these children.

Vietnam had placed a five-year program that would reduce child labour in the country by the Prime Minister in 2016, which focused on avoiding ethical predicaments while reducing the child labour in the country as they discover and help these child labourers and other helpless children with gaining access to chances for development. Understandably with Nike, Vietnam’s economy and the children’s family get a stake out of the outcome of the commodities being manufactured at the factory by the underaged children on their expenses.

A huge amount of weight of interest that should be set out is for these young children by the government and other stakeholders that advocate for children’s rights.

3. Creating an alternative

Potential courses of action

Put out projects that would help the underaged children. Understand how ease the risks of Child Labour. Create life-long relationships with the communities. Show commitment to the community. Show social interest to the community.

The above proposed actions are abiding to the CSR values where Nike cares for human rights as well as rejecting any form of child labour connecting to their brand. When it comes to ethical behavior, Nike respects human rights in their operations and ranging with their value chain plus steering the business ethically and sustainably. As a global organization Nike follows the laws of every country there are operating in.

Vietnam being a country that allows children over the age of 15 to work as well as to engage in the economic activities of the country and Nike being the total opposite by not tolerating child labour because they are an organization that is for human rights and precisely forbids the use of child labour in services contracted in the manufacturing of Nike products (, and the organisations code of conduct has an age restriction of 15 years and 16 years of age in developing countries, so it goes to be apparent that the international agreements aren’t being rejected because Nike’s code of conduct exceeds those of the International Labour Organisation, an organization that regulates in every country which partake in child labour. Studying every single action that has been proposed, they are all acceptable and in agreement with Nike’s policy as they are committed to the core labour rights of children.

Evaluating each proposed action to assess its consistency with accepted ethical standards

The most functional proposed action is the one where Nike will be setting out projects that will help children in going to school and having a fair share of a normal child’s life. The action that respects the rights of everyone involved is the one where Nike looks out for the human rights of the children and its stakeholders as they cater to the welfare of the children. The most fair action for everyone, is the action that Nike has set to create long-lasting relationship with the community as well as the stakeholders. An action for common good is the one where Nike is determined to educate everyone involved about the risks of child labour. An action that shows virtue that has values, is the one where Nike wants to set its social interests to be clear to every individual intricated or is on Nike’s side on reducing the ethical predicaments of child labour.

In order to reach our goal to attain the best results, we can count on the help of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) to help in educating the community and other stakeholders affected by this ethical predicament on what Child Labour is, context of Child Labour in Vietnam and the legislation on Child Labour, with that they will assist in creating insightful options. The decision that will be made is to be considered to the children’s rights and it will help with resolving the ethical predicament and this is a decision that could be comfortable with everyone involved as it could definitely be defended on television.

4. Implementing the course of action

Put out projects that would help the underaged children by offering them a chance at a normal life which includes giving them education opportunities, provide their families with some help in alleviating their households in means of income and livings. Give understanding on how Nike as an organization and its stakeholders can ease the risks or in any ways to take on any given opportunity to improve the rights of children. As an organization that strive to put human rights at the fore front, Nike is to guarantee that children in Vietnam are to be considered as stakeholders in addition to showing commitment to them that as Nike we take their welfare seriously. As an organization that strive to put human rights at the fore front, Nike is to guarantee that children in Vietnam are to be considered as stakeholders in addition to showing commitment to them that as Nike we take their welfare seriously. Nike is to pursue a social interest so that it remains clear to the communities of Vietnam.

5. Evaluate

The way that the courses of turned out was that the projects that were panned out were able to help Nike to get the necessary support for children over the aged of 16 or older in other countries to acquire at least a job-related training form of education. Nike was able to get more people involved to advocate for the rights of children to not be made to work a very young age where their mental and physical development should come as a priority as an ethical biding organization. Bike and its stakeholders were able to prioritize their commitment to the welfare of the children and respect their human rights as well as to invest in them to get proper education. The social interest that was proposed to the community, as Nike we were able to get to an agreement with the stakeholders and the community of Vietnam as well as the manufacturer that manufactures Nikes’ products to rehire the underaged children only when they reach 16 years of age and only part-time and away from any hazardous working conditions.

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