Ban on North Korean Citizens Leaving the Country

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North Korea is situated in East Asia, consisting the northern section of the Korean land. The ruler of this country is Kim Jong-un. It has a population of 25.49 million people. Tourism or emigration in North Korea is strictly controlled by its government. Foreign tourists encountering local citizens have been strictly controlled. However, from photos seen around the Internet and, evidence from tourists to North Korea, few of those restrictions have relaxed in the past few years. On the other hand, tax rates are very high if you would decide to purchase a motor vehicle.

Global Perspectives

The mission of Sweden diplomacy to North Korea indicates the contempt against the North Korean nation, its leaders are regarded by the North Korean government, as very provoking. The United States department of State prevents and prohibits the usage of U.S. passports to travel to North Korea, unless they have a special validation or priority. Russia and China did not prohibit the American authored new sanctions against North Korea in the UN Security Council. Although China went along with a new set of restrictive measures banning North Korean exports of coal, iron, etc. The United States, Russia, China, and the rest of the lesser states face the political dilemma, of what kind of foreign policy to pursue. With despots like Kim Jong-Un, who could not adapt himself to discipline at all, particularly those who would secure domestic tranquility and decent standard of living towards the people to create international relationships, which would be impossible.

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National Perspectives

Due to the absence of political freedom and economic opportunities in North Korea, it rapidly loses its attraction towards the upcoming foreign laborers. Most of the citizens are unable to leave the country as it is strictly restricted. Within North Korea, people are not allowed to travel around the country, unless prior permission is granted. Citizens are not aware of what happens out of the country, as they do not have access to newspapers, televisions, and radios except for whatever the government propaganda machine creates, so they have been led to believe that the standard of living in other countries is worse than their own. However, foreign tourists require special permission to speak to local citizens.

What would happen if the law is relaxed and citizens are able to travel out of the country?

  • The population would reduce immediately.
  • All the local citizens would figure out what is happening out of the country and therefore cause conflicts.
  • The economy of the country would reduce rapidly.

Different Perspectives

The North Korean government strictly monitors the activities done by foreign visitors. There human rights have been the worst in the world. North Korea has no contemporary parallel. Tourism is strictly controlled, they are not permitted to speak to local people, so that citizens are unaware of their surroundings (excluding their country). Criticism of the leadership in North Korea (if-reported), is enough to make you end up in a political prison camp. The government has been accused of viciously persecuting citizens while ruthlessly pursuing the development of nuclear weapons.


Travel agents can help potential visitors to visit to North Korea (designated tour areas) but they have to go through a bureaucratic process. Guides are usually appointed-by the country’s ministry of tourism (Illegal for tourists to independently enter). Access to the global Internet is allowed only to high-ranking officials. North Korea has been experiencing a change of leadership from 17 years of rule, under Kim Jong-il, to a new generation under his young son, Kim Jong-un, who took influence and power following his father’s death in December 2011. As Kim seeks to strengthen his leadership, the climate of skepticism is sure-to-persist. North Koreans live in the world’s most isolated-nations. These citizens do not have the right to leave the country or travel within the country. One of the reasons locals are not allowed to leave the country is to prevent citizens from rebelling against the government and to keep them ignorant and unknowing of what goes on outside the boarders. Kim Jong-un wants to gain power by using his people. North Korea’s recent-strides towards building nuclear weapons indicates that the dictator of North Korea is in greed of power. It is an isolated and paranoid nation that tightly controls what the outside world sees.


While interpreting this report I encountered bias information from the following source: This source contained information of North Korea, permitting immigration and emigration as they were unaware (although they are strict with it). is a source which deliberately misleads the reader.

Problem Solving

  • Once North Koreans confronted with international information, they will know their tyrannical government have been lying to them.
  • Analysts often credit South Korean TV shows or movies with the ability to change people’s thinking inside North Korea. This would help information to be leaked out easily.
  • Some initiatives take great risks to smuggle outside information and entertainment back in, particularly on flash/pen drives.
  • Citizens watching South Korean dramas encourages people to leave North Korea rather than stay and try to change the government.
  • The autocracy can be brought down by breaking its monopoly on valuable information.

Reflection and Conclusion

As I was interpreting this report, my viewpoint was to find out why people are not allowed to leave from North Korea. Immensely I figured out that these citizens do not have equal human rights, which is really devastating to know. However, they are also not free and are under the government’s control. I believe that the North Korean leader is greedy for power, so to obtain power, he does not leak out any information to the citizens and prevents migration for his own benefits.

Therefore, I have reached to my conclusion that North Korea’s citizens should be able to leave their country with legal permission and have equal human rights.

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