Essay: Why Is Critical Thinking Important in Psychology

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The authors of these peer-reviewed journals specify their research and procedures on the concept of critical thinking. Brosseau-Liard explains the prefrontal cortex and the involvement critical thinking has on children at a young age. On the other hand, Richardson researches different models to help comprehend all aspects of critical thinking as a whole, he proposes that hermeneutic/dialogical concepts incorporate the thought of collective hypotheses and convey the thought of basic considering. Choosing to talk about the different methods psychologists have used to identify how critical thinking plays a role helps broaden understanding and comprehension of it as a whole.

Brosseau-Liard (2017) investigates children’s specific learning, or their ability to select whether or not to acknowledge data from diverse sources. “These early abilities are of course not as sophisticated as those of adults, but they nevertheless form an impressive foundation on which more advanced critical evaluation strategies could potentially be built with input from parents and educators alike.” Explaining that children’s understanding of information, and data, their social predispositions, and their learning from the media, as well as forming well-thought-out thoughts will become more advanced as their prefrontal cortex grows and expands.

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Richardson (2008) and his colleagues examined the compositions of critical thinking through insightful and specific areas and studied its existence in psychology with significant details. The concept of psychology was characterized to an extent and was thought of as research-based reasoning. The author’s approach to critical thinking thoroughly explains, “the identification and evaluation of ideas, particularly implicit assumptions and values that guide the thinking, decisions, and practices of oneself and others” Their examination was rigorously talked through, there are contentions based on many models that speak to research strategies to think about. They propose that hermeneutic/dialogical concepts and incorporate the thought of collective hypotheses and provide the thought of fundamental thinking.

The qualitative study presented in both peer-reviewed articles includes how their approaches apply to other research. Such as instrumentalism, descriptivism, critical social science, postmodern/ social constructionist theory, and hermeneutic/ dialogical viewpoints. In Richardson and Slife’s qualitative study, different types of viewpoints were taken and intertwined with theirs to include more research on critical thinking. They describe, analyze, and interpret observations and methods from their colleagues along with their own. Brosseau-Laard includes research on children’s particular learning and tendencies to select whether or not to acknowledge data from conflicting sources.

The purpose of this paper was to summarize two peer-reviewed articles on critical thinking. As there are many different perspectives presented in both articles, the authors have stated more ideal methods for important theories in psychology. To make a clear understanding of how critical thinking plays a part in children’s daily lives and viewpoints to make the idea of psychology comprehensible. Investigations included research on children’s learning and the affinity to select whether to acknowledge data from different outside sources, understanding of knowledge, misleading information, and the identity and assessments of thoughts, especially implied values.

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